Five Planets Will Be Visible From Earth Simultaneously, Save The Dates

stars or planets. ©2015 Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – This year is a very good time to see the planets in our solar system. Five planets will be visible in the sky at the end of March. This is a rare phenomenon and should not be missed. Quoted from the Indy100 page, Wednesday (22/3), … Read more

How to Use AI Like ChatGPT in Microsoft Word, Here’s the Steps

Microsoft Word document illustration with electronic seal or e-seal. © Tantri Setyorini Reporter: Merdeka – Microsoft is rumored to have integrated ChatGPT into Word, Excel and Outlook applications. However, this effort is currently under development because the features used are so sophisticated. So actually, to be able to feel how the experience of using … Read more

Kidnapped American aid worker released in Niger, party in Hoogkarspel

ReutersJeff Woodke (r) after his release In association with NH News NOS News•Monday, 22:27 In Niger, a kidnapped American aid worker and a French journalist have been released after years. According to the French and American authorities, they are doing well given the circumstances. American Jeff Woodke (62), married to a Dutch woman, was kidnapped … Read more

World Adolescent Mental Wellness Day: why is it celebrated on March 2?

He March 2 is celebrated on World Adolescent Mental Wellness Day. The creation of this event in 2020 was at the initiative of The Hollister Confidence Projectwhich has the purpose of observing the mental well-being of adolescents. Zero Discrimination Day: why is it celebrated on March 1? Further The objective of the date is to … Read more

Two Covid curves reveal how many fewer people are vaccinated for every hundred cases that drop

The covid vaccination knows less about protocols and schemes than about fears. This is indicated by the link between two key curves of the pandemic: the number of applied doses per day and number registered infections. Although the relationship between the behavior of both curves is not strictly causal, it it’s not casual either. The … Read more

Sexy Zone Kikuchi Fuma “Jani no Channel” private exchange confession with members “Ninomiya-kun is…”

Sexy Zone’s Fuma Kikuchi is the radio program “Recommend!” broadcasted on the 8th. (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / every Monday to Thursday from 10:00). He revealed a private exchange with the members of the YouTube channel “Jani no Channel” in which he participates. Fuma Kikuchi confesses private exchanges with “Janino Channel” members Among the members of … Read more

A man waited for a UFC fighter in the parking lot to challenge him to a fight. Fortunately, the young fighter remained calm

The growing popularity of mixed martial arts brings with it a downside for fighters. It’s not just about anonymous haters on the internet anymore, and recently a bag of carolers has literally been torn apart. We wrote about one of these a few days ago, when he called Dustin Poirier with a stupid banner and … Read more

This is how acting is.. the strongest scene from the movie Ashab Wala Ezz, starring Al-Keshta, from me Zaki, I took off my belongings in front of the camera without shame

Yasser Al-Jarjoura – Riyadh – Sunday, March 5, 2023 04:50 pm – Actress Engy El-Moqaddam revealed her opinion on the scenes of the artist, Mona Zaki, in the movie “Friends and Not Dearest”, which was shown recently and the effects of controversy on social networking sites. Engy Al-Moqaddam said during her meeting with the “Secret … Read more

It’s replenishing the B12 supply! Those who consume this food do not know what ‘forgetfulness’ is… – Gallery

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the health problems experienced by many people. One of the causes of vitamin B12 deficiency is the body’s inability to replenish this source on its own. Experts state that it is necessary to take advantage of the healing power of foods and, if necessary, supplements to eliminate vitamin B12 … Read more

Real Madrid: Ancelotti and the possibility of knocking out Bara: “Cagometro? I don’t know what it is…”

Charles Ancelotti I spoke to the media at the Real Madrid City to analyze all the white news in the preview of the match against FC Barcelona in the semifinals of Copa del Rey (9:00 p.m. / The 1). The Italian technician I left the eleven in the air and recognized the importance of the … Read more