Drove on the E6 with a table in the front window: – Not the sickest thing I’ve seen

FINES: A lorry from Spain drove into Norway with several objects loaded in the windscreen – including a table. Photo: Norwegian Road Administration “My wagon train is loaded with… a little bit of everything!” Published: Yesterday 17:06 Updated yesterday 17:26 On Monday, 57 heavy vehicles were checked by the Norwegian Road Administration at Svinesund and … Read more

“I’ve always been attracted to atypical characters, I don’t like to comfort myself in an easy game”

*** *********** **** ********* *************** ** ******* ** ****** ******** ****** ******** *** ******** ** ******* ** **** ******** ***** ** ****** ******* ******* ****** ****** ****** ** **************** ****** ****** ** ****** ** ** ****** **************************** *** *** ** ** ***** *** ***************** ********* *** ************ ************** ** *** *********** ** ** ************** ****** … Read more

Roger Garcia Ovalles | Edgar Garcia | Venezuela: “My son disappeared without a trace on his way to the United States and I’ve been looking for him for 7 months” | Peru | Story | EC Stories | WORLD

Roger García Ovalles told his parents that he would not call for a month. He planned to sell his phone before he started the overland journey from the Peru toward USAto prevent the device from becoming a loot for criminals who might cross its path. LOOK: The lies that led the United States and its … Read more

It’s the fastest car I’ve ever seen, says Hamilton about the RB19 – F1sport.cz

The Mercedes drivers in Jeddah occupied positions below the podium (Russell even got on the podium for a while). It can be said that Mercedes had the third fastest car. However, the team notes Red Bull’s strong performance. The Red Bull drivers won the second double in a row, and Verstappen started from 15th position … Read more

Brice Samba, new call to the Blues: “It may seem crazy, but I’ve always believed in it”

In this hotel where he had given us an appointment on Sunday, few of them recognize Brice Samba. Selected for the first time by Didier Deschamps, the Lensois is not yet a star character for the general public. At 28, the former Marseillais, author of a brilliant season, has just experienced the most intense hours … Read more

An action RPG that becomes more difficult the better you play: I’ve tried Atlas Fallen, and this is its most curious mechanic – Atlas Fallen

The new game from the creators of The Surge will be upon us in the spring, with a desert world to explore and combat that is more accessible than in the past, but just as deep as its predecessors. Before I tell you about Atlas Fallen, I suggest we do a little jogging: remember that … Read more

I’ve become very good at apologizing

I’m close to poisoning her with pineapple chips. It’s just out of thoughtlessness, of course, but it still happens. After carefully finding out what my son’s new girlfriend might be allergic to and getting the answer pineapple and kiwi, I think: “Aha! then we’ll skip the cake for the party, I’ll order a sandwich cake”! … Read more

I’ve played Dead Island 2 for 6 hours and it’s good even in things I didn’t expect – Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 continues the spirit of its predecessor, but with some very smart decisions in the design of its world. March 13, 2023, 16:01 – Updated March 15, 2023, 13:13 after playing Dead Island 2 for 6 hours, I think that the only thing that this second installment does not inherit is the allusion … Read more

Director Khun Phan 3 sucks. The movie has been reduced to showtimes. I’ve been making movies for 20 years. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Previously, the Director’s Association came out to protect Thai filmmakers after the movie “Khun Phan 3” There was a drama that was cut off because the movie Thid Noi squeezed the screening area. but even if cut off The latest income table suggests that Khun Phan 3 has the right to earn 100 million in … Read more