Amazed Natuna Defense Conjured by NKRI, Analyst: I’ve Never Seen Being militarized as fast as Indonesia In 2022, the intelligence company AS mention if Indonesia forbid it Natuna dominated by foreigners China because I don’t want this country’s nightmare to come true. Quoted from an article published by RANE April 1, 2022, Indonesia desperately trying to Natuna do not fall into the hands China. Also Read: Give up, China … Read more

Dorota Szelągowska settles her love failures: “I don’t really know how in relationships. I’ve been a bit like a roommate all my life”

Dorota Szelągowska gained recognition as an expert in interior metamorphoses. Although she has undeniable successes in this field, her private life is also very popular, and there has been quite a lot going on in it. She is also aware of this, and attempts to keep the details of her personal situation away from the … Read more

I’ve never been dumped, I’m still in a cage

Ganjar Pranowo in KOMPAS TV’s Aiman ​​program with the theme “Ganjar Opening”, Monday (13/6/2022). (Source: Kompas TV/Ninuk YouTube screenshot) Writer : Suwanti’s grandson | Editor : Paradise Faith CENTRAL JAVA, KOMPAS.TV– Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo admitted that he never felt abandoned but loved by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). This was conveyed … Read more

Ive Ahn Yu-jin, proud of her glamorous figure in the open-air bath? relaxing break~

Ive’s Ahn Yu-jin’s Instagram photo. Ive Ahn Yu-jin showed off her glamorous body in a swimsuit. On the afternoon of the 12th, Ahn Yu-jin posted a picture and a sentence “Kinda miss those days” on her Instagram. In the photo, he appeared to be posing for a selfie with his reflection in the mirror. He … Read more

Park Hyun-bin “I almost couldn’t walk for the rest of my life in a quad crash… I’ve been lying in bed for about a year and a half”

Photo = ‘Fantastic Family-DNA Singer’ video capture [아시아경제 김나연 인턴기자] Singer Hyunbin Park recalled the trauma of a car accident six years ago. Park Hyun-bin’s cousin appeared in the SBS entertainment ‘Fantastic Family’ broadcast on the 9th. Appearing as the second DNA singer on this day, he introduced the yet-to-be-disclosed star, “My cousin is the … Read more

Isabelle Gulldén: “The worst I’ve experienced”

Premium: Isabelle Gulldén, 32, has landed in Skåne and Lugi after eleven seasons as a foreign professional. In a long interview, the handball star talks about the successful year in Norway, why the national team is a closed chapter, the sister’s fight against cancer and the difficult time in France. – It was three hellish … Read more

Incredible knockout! The expert went crazy: I’ve never seen that

The race was to be started, the horses obediently headed for the pits. But then came a shocking moment that graduated from a horror scene. Jockey Buick was sitting still on his stallion Blue Trail when another horse rose in the side box and hit Buick in the head. He was shaken after a heavy … Read more

‘I’ve lost everything here’: Colombian who lost fiance in bus crash on E19 has been in hospital for almost two months (Domestic)

©  Joris Herregods, BFM, rr Almost two months after Ana María Torres (26) survived the heavy bus crash on the E19 in Schoten, the Colombian woman is still bedridden. Only on weekends does she go outside the walls of the AZ Sint-Maarten in Mechelen. She will not return to her homeland for the time being: … Read more

‘I’ve seen everything, but this was madness of a completely different order’ –

Colonel Giorgi Kuparashvili managed to escape, naked and seriously injured, from the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. “It was madness. I’ve been to all kinds of places in my career and I’ve seen everything, but this was madness of a completely different order.” Kuparashvili (44) previously helped evacuate civilians from the besieged port city, but many … Read more

Hašková: Music is mainly about emotions for me. I’ve never used who my dad is

“I’m a little naive, I want to believe that Eurovision should be won by the one who can show the most emotions and deliver his music message. Of course it’s not. But the marketing and interviews you give are also important. 22nd place was a huge success. , “says singer Dominika Hašková. “I never used … Read more