Who is Ri Sol-ju? Wife of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

loading… JAKARTA – Ri Sol-ju has appeared in photos for years accompanying her husband Kim Jong-un on state visits. But who exactly is the wife of the young North Korean dictator? Very little is known about Ri, including her real age, who her parents were and what her life was like before marrying Kim Jong-un. … Read more

What will become of Queen Elizabeth’s sumptuous jewelry…

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, leaving behind a colossal heritage and possessions. With the funeral over, Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward now talks about the legacy left by the monarch, including the sumptuous jewelry and outfits… According to her, it is the Princess of Wales who will receive the “major part” of the … Read more

Why Pearl Jewelry Becomes a Symbol of British Royal Grief?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Throughout his life, the deceased War Elizabeth II almost never seen without her pearl jewelry. Royal women will also wear pearl jewelry when paying their last respects to the Queen at the state funeral in Westminster Abbey on Monday (19/11). Over the past week since Queen Elizabeth II died, the British … Read more

Camilla’s special piece of jewelry: the wife of King Charles III wears a brooch given to her by Elizabeth II

Queen Consort Camilla appeared at a service at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh with a special brooch on her chest, which was once given to her by Queen Elizabeth II. In these days, as Britain mourns the death of September 8th Elizabeth IIthe newly minted King Charles III and his wife Queen Camilla attend a … Read more

He robs a jewelry store in Wavre and shoots the manager: a wanted notice is launched

The facts occurred on March 9, in Wavre. A jewelry store on Place Bosch was the victim of an armed robbery by an as yet unidentified individual. “A man took the time to observe the jewelry for a long time. Eventually he entered the business and quietly waited his turn as a customer. Once his … Read more

There is no pearl like a pearl. A jeweler makes necklaces from male sperm

A woman from Canada decided she would create unique jewelry. In the end, it came true for her and now she is enjoying success on social media thanks to her work. Her necklace is created from replica pearls that she made from human sperm. Sperm and clay Portal Vice writes that Booth started her jewelry … Read more

5 Russia’s allies in Asia, North Korea to China

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Russia now in the spotlight after the President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine in February. As a result of this invasion, Russia’s relations with a number of Western countries deteriorated, especially with the United States. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT The US and its allies have imposed economic sanctions … Read more

Bellingcat exposes Russian spy posing as jewelry designer | Inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Woman had relationships with several officers Investigative collective Bellingcat has unmasked a Russian spy who for years pretended to be a jewelry designer and socialite in Naples, Italy. The spy even penetrated into NATO circles, where she had romantic relationships with several officers in addition to professional.

Josette Awwad creates casual jewelry under the Jude Jewels brand

This long twig gives allure to everything she wears. By dint of seeing clothes transfigure as soon as they land on her shoulders, Josette Awwad nurtures a passion for fashion and accessories that will never leave her. After an experience in modeling, freshly graduated in marketing and advertising, she was recruited by L’Oréal in the … Read more

3 Weird Nicknames for Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister, Kim Yo Jong

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Leader’s younger sister North Korea Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jongbecame in the spotlight after increasingly representing his brother to deliver state statements. Most recently, Kim Yo Jong, has been in the spotlight for refusing economic assistance from South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and telling his southern neighbor to shut … Read more