Belarus closes borders and puts army on alert

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 10:29 pm The Belarusian president, the target of six weeks of mass protests demanding his resignation, has announced that he will put troops on high alert and close the country’s borders with Poland and Lithuania. Alexander Lukashenko’s decision reinforces the repeated message that the wave of protests is driven by … Read more

Policemen shot in the head in ″ ambush ″ in the USA

Two police officers from Los Angeles, California, USA, were in serious condition after being shot in the head while in the service car on Saturday. Police department says it was an “ambush”. A video of the incident, which was shared on social media, shows a person approaching the police car and then shooting at close … Read more

Washington police release images of black man shot dead

JN / Agencies 03 September 2020 at 23:13 Washington police on Thursday released images of the detention of Deon Kay, an 18-year-old black man shot dead by a police officer on Wednesday in a neighborhood in southeastern Washington DC in the United States. Deon Kay, 18, was shot in the chest as he fled the … Read more

Decision tomorrow. End of the air corridor is a bucket of cold water for the Algarve

Sónia Santos Pereira with AJG Today at 09:31 It has not yet been two weeks since the opening of the air corridor between Portugal and the United Kingdom and there is already a threat that the British Government will once again decree mandatory quarantine for those who return to the country from Portuguese lands. The … Read more

Elephants found dead in Zimbabwe were victims of bacteria

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 23:01 The 12 elephants found dead last weekend near Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve were victims of a bacterial infection, officials said Tuesday. The bodies were discovered on Friday and Saturday in the Pandanasuwe forest (west), between the Huange nature park, near the border with Botswana, and the city of Victoria … Read more

FARC leader killed by rebels in northern Colombia

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 11:20 pm A leader of the FARC, the party founded by the former Marxist guerrillas, was killed on Friday by rebels from the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Montecristo, northern Colombia, the former guerrilla group said on Sunday. Jorge Iván Ramos, 52, a veteran of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of … Read more

India sets new world record for covid-19 cases in one day

JN / Agencies Today at 09:14 India today registered 78761 cases of the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, a new world record, health officials announced. The previous daily record had been set on July 17 by the United States, when it diagnosed 77,638 contagions, according to data compiled by the news agency France-Presse … Read more

PCP replies to Costa: ″ Problems are not solved by threatening with crises ″

JN / Agencies Yesterday at 10:28 pm The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) said this Saturday, reacting to statements by the Prime Minister to admit an eventual political crisis, that the problems “are not solved by threatening with crises”, but by looking for solutions. “The problems are not solved by threatening with crises, but by finding … Read more

In the same streets that King marched 57 years ago, thousands call for an end to racism

JN / Agencies 29 August 2020 at 01:20 Amid disgust and determination, anti-racist protesters gathered this Friday in central Washington to demand an end to police violence against the black minority, after a series of incidents that reopened racial wounds in the United States. About 57 years after the emblematic speech of the leader of … Read more

Attack on the cash van in Lyon earns nine million euros

JN / Agencies Today at 18:49 An armored valuables van was attacked this Friday morning in Lyon, eastern France, by five assailants, who took nine million euros, reported the local daily Le Progrés. The assault took place just before 9 am local time (8 am in Lisbon) near the city’s central station, when the Loomis … Read more