José Luis Higuera: Tigres, Nahuel Guzmán and Gignac screw me up

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 20.08.2020 22:47:15 Jose Luis Higuera He has not mincing words. The now director of the Athletic Morelia put himself in the eye of the hurricane by criticizing the club in a forceful way Tigersas well as its players Nahuel Guzman and Andre Pierre Gignac. Higuera, who was a guest on … Read more

Morelia: Jose Luis Higuera catch on with a journalist that aired society with Álvaro Dávila

After the former CEO of the Chivas Striped Guadalajara and current collaborator ESPN Jose Luis Higuera denied to be interested in being the project leader of the new soccer team in Morelia, as according to what had been reported to Ignacio Suarez, the Fig tree came back to deny networks to a journalist who said … Read more

Jose Luis Higuera returns to mexican soccer with the new team Morelia

Juan Manuel Figueroa Guadalajara, Jalisco / 10.06.2020 22:56:23 Jose Luis Higuera is back in football and your new challenge will be in the League of Developmentbecause it created a society for which the Morelia re-vibrate with the ball in the Opening 2020. The exdirectivo of Chivas he received the lease of the Stadium Morelos and … Read more

Gudiño congratulates Iker Casillas on his birthday and Higuera goes to show off a gift from the Spaniard

Raúl Gudiño, substitute goalkeeper for the Chivas de Guadalajara, reappeared on Wednesday in his social networks after the controversial victory on Tuesday in the eLiga MX to congratulate his former teammate at the Portuguese club Porto and legendary Spanish goalkeeper: Iker Casillas, who is birthday (39). But former rojiblanco manager José Luis Higuera went through … Read more

Liga MX: José Luis Higuera confesses which team he would never work with

The former CEO of Striped Chivas from Guadalajara, José Luis Higuera, True to his style and his past with the Herd, I do not hesitate to “attack” the Eagles of america, ensuring it is a club of little importance and would never work there. During an Instagram interview with “The Titans of the Micro”, The … Read more

Chivas. Pizarro, the only player who disrespected Jorge Vergara

The Hobby Mexico City / 05/16/2020 17:48:14 The relationship between José Luis Higuera, former manager of Chivas and footballer Rodolfo Pizarro It has not been the best for a while, being the protagonists of several fights on social networks. Now the commentator on ESPN revived a strong confrontation that the Inter Miami player had with … Read more

Liga MX: José Luis Higuera is going for the presidency of the League?

La Liga MX and soccer in Mexico is undergoing a unique transformation with the new decisions made by the leaders of the League and Clubs, and soccer as we know it in the country, will change dramatically for the following tournaments. Enrique Bonilla, Current President of the LeagueHe has been the subject of many debates … Read more

Rodolfo Pizarro will never play with América and Tigres; dream of Chivas

In another team, in another League, but the love of Rodolfo Pizarro to Chivas It is not easy to hide, it is noted in each intervention and for this reason he assured that I would never play in America and that is seen returning to the Sacred Flock. The player of the Inter Miami MLS … Read more

Chivas. José Luis Higuera rules out that Rodolfo Pizarro was an idol

Editorial Half-time Mexico City / 03/27/2020 22:35:14 José Luis Higuera keep giving something to talk about. The former director of Chivas flooded Rodolfo Pizarro via Twitter, after a fan questioned him for allowing the departure of today’s player from the Inter Miami, because he considered that the player could become an idol of the club. … Read more