Hong Kong Economic Journal – Highlights – Hong Kong dollar’s overnight interest rate breaks through 4.1%, the strongest increase in 17 years

March 22, 2023 The bond market crisis triggered by Credit Suisse fermented, and the market was worried about capital outflows. Adding quarter-end factors, the Hong Kong dollar offered interest rate (HIBOR) rose sharply yesterday. Among them, the overnight interest rate soared by 2.52595% to 4.14286%, the largest one-day increase since Bloomberg began to compile data … Read more

The paper “Don’t cheat with AI” was actually a ChatGPT work and it was published in a professional education journal | ETtoday International News | ETtodayAMP

▲The paper completed by ChatGPT was reviewed and approved by 4 scholars. (Photo/Dazhi/Associated Press) Graphic/CTWANT The most popular topic on the Internet recently is the various AI tools headed by ChatGPT. Many schools have even issued announcements announcing that ChatGPT will be banned in the school, and some educational journals have described that AI tools … Read more

Today’s Economic Journal – Financial Investment – Bancassurance’s Troubled Eyes to Avoid Distressed Financial Stocks – Hang Seng – Financial Peak

March 17, 2023 Hengsheng Financial Summit Zoom in picture / show original image Financial turmoil is brewing in the United States and Europe. Following the chain explosion of three regional banks in the United States, a banking crisis also emerged in Europe. European investment bank Credit Suisse confirmed that there were major flaws in the … Read more

Would you walk around naked outside? | The Journal of Montreal

As you know, sexting consists of sending or exchanging messages of a sexual nature, whether or not accompanied by erotic or pornographic photos or videos, through the use of technology (social networks, messaging applications, etc.). Usually, this “practice” is associated with teenagers. However, adults engage in sexting far more than minors, although fewer do so … Read more

misinformation about the study from the scientific journal The Lancet

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines: A study published in The Lancet compares how a vaccinated population in Qatar has fared and an unvaccinated population that has overcome the coronavirus. Disinformative content says that this study is proof that natural immunity is “better” than that attributed to vaccines. But the study … Read more

Today’s Hong Kong Economic Journal- HSBC’s acquisition of SVB is more positive than negative, and the stock price falls 4.7% – Hong Kong Economic Journal website hkej.com

March 15, 2023 Zoom in picture / show original image The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the United States continues to arouse worries in the financial market. The investment community expects that the Federal Reserve will slow down its rate cuts, and even enter the cycle of interest rate cuts earlier. The sharp … Read more