He is not an astronaut like an astronaut. Bezos’s cosmic joy may be in jeopardy

“My God. My expectations were high, but they were dramatically exceeded, “after the return to Earth on Tuesday, billionaire Jeff Bezos described his feelings from a trip into space. But with the launch of commercial space travel, there is also a tightening of the rules on who can actually claim the label. astronaut. Update the … Read more

the legendary ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ changes its name and gives joy to its ‘gamers’

Image of Messi in ‘Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)’. (Photo: Konami) The legendary Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), the video game that uses as a claim -almost always- to Leo messi, has ceased to exist as such. Konami, the company that develops it, has decided to change its name. This is how it was born eFootball, which … Read more

Come the Joy. Laura G and Anette Cuburu disheveled live (Video)

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 22.07.2021 13:23:39 The drivers of Come the joy They caused controversy again on social networks, but this time it was not because of his lack of preparation or musical talent nor for their failed presentations in the reality I want to sing, but because of the strange discussion they staged … Read more

Nostalgic Liliyana Natsir, Joy and Grief Struggle to Win Olympic Gold

Jakarta – The 2016 Rio Olympics is a proud moment for Indonesia and Indonesia Liliyana Natsir. Together with Tontowi Ahmad, he managed to reconnect the golden tradition that had been cut off in London 2012. It was even more special because the gold was won to coincide with the date of the independence of the … Read more

“Lamia” in a lawsuit for the annulment of a marriage contract: “A writer on the invitation of joy loves a girl T

08:00 am Monday 19 July 2021 I wrote-Fatima Adel: Lamia F. filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in Heliopolis, requesting the annulment of her marriage contract, justifying her request: “After writing the book, Josie wrote on WhatsApp that he loves another girl and does not want to marry me.” Lamia, 23, says: I got … Read more

Lebanon.. The high cost of sacrifice robs the joy of Eid

Two days before the blessed Eid al-Adha, the sacrificial markets in Lebanon were empty of customers, unlike in previous years, when they were teeming with citizens seeking to commemorate the year of sacrifice. The new scene is not surprising, but it is a reflection of a severe economic crisis that has afflicted the country since … Read more

With their retirement date approaching, do Messi and Ronaldo promise us more fun?

In the middle of the next season 2021-2022, Cristiano Ronaldo will celebrate his 37th year, and at the end of it, Messi will complete his 35th year, bringing the date of their retirement closer. After Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2018 and was excluded from the nominations for the best player in the world, … Read more

Kanmani who came to life; Mia shares her motherly joy

Mia introduces her son to the fans Actress Mia George becomes a mother. Mia herself shared the joy of giving birth to a baby boy on social media. Mia also introduces that her son is named Luke Joseph Philip. Mia was married to businessman Ashwin on September 12, 2020. Ashwin owns a construction company. Mia … Read more

Joy Mathew wants to leave today to buy mutton biryani

Kailasum Joy Mathew / Facebook നActor Joy Mathew wishes Tan Kailash a happy birthday. When he thought that he needed a handsome man to stand in his grocery store, the actor said that the first thing that came to his mind was Kailash. When the foliage kailimuntum Bunyan’s a man thing. But Joy Mathew’s congratulatory … Read more

Dorian discovers an abandoned young dog, tied to a fence at Sart-Tilman, “when I approached, he jumped for joy”

Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 6:22 a.m. Through allison mazzoccato This Saturday, a dog was found, tied up, without water and with a bag of kibble that he could not reach, in the woods of Sart Tilman. Dorian, the walker who found him, had the right instinct: to take him to the SRPA … Read more