Bottas lost the joy of competing in Formula 1 and almost retired in his first two seasons with Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas has revealed that he lost his sense of racing in Formula 1 in his first two seasons with Mercedes as a teammate of world champion Lewis Hamilton. The current Alfa Romeo driver spoke of the Mercedes team leaving him in a “dark place” after assigning the role of support driver to Hamilton at … Read more

Playing on PC can be a joy with these 6 controls for all tastes and pockets that I recommend

Many video games on PC may be designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse. Approach titles like Company of Heroes, World of Warcraft or even many of the FPS that inhabit the controller platform ranges from less than ideal to impossible, but there are also many video games that are meant to be … Read more

Unpack the sound box “HUAWEI Sound Joy”, the ultimate high-end audio speaker at a price of less than 5 thousand.

Let’s meet again with a new toy review article. HUAWEI Sound Joy The latest portable speaker from HUAWEI that is definitely after we have tried to play and say that HUAWEI Sound Joy Really great value if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker to use when going out of town. We know that nowadays “Mini … Read more

From sadness to joy… in 24 hours: the completely crazy week of Bruno Armirail

Except that 24 hours later, Armirail showed up, knife between teeth, on the start line of the French time trial championships. Perhaps galvanized by his non-selection, he overworked himself to finally cross the line with the best time and offer himself a prestigious title of French time trial champion, barely a year after his 2nd … Read more

My joy is near and I am afraid of the wedding night, what should I do?? You would not expect how Heba Kotb responded to this girl!

2022/06/20 It’s 02:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Qutb revealed the phobia of the wedding night, or the first meeting between married couples, that the most difficult thing for a person is to be a slave to something. This came in response to a caller who said in her question: My joy … Read more

We desperately need this joy

The delegation of the Lebanese national basketball team qualified for the FIFA U-16 World Cup finals arrived this evening at Rafic Hariri International Airport – Beirut, coming from Doha. She was received at the Salon of Honor at the airport by MP Salim Aoun, Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Zaid Khayami, … Read more

Yolombó’s black community overflows with joy as ‘their Francia’ becomes Colombia’s vice president

Francia Márquez supporters celebrate her victory in her native village of Yolombó.Image Stephen Ferry for de Volkskrant When the joy is so great that it barely fits in a body, then there is dancing. And that’s what the women of Yolombó do. With big grins on their faces, hands in the air and just jump. … Read more

vivo joins JD Central’s birthday celebration 6.18 SUPER JOY on June 18, discount up to 1,500 baht! with additional discount coupons from JD Central up to 1,000 baht!

vivo Prepare a birthday promotion JD Central The Biggest Platform of E-Commerce Industry Give discounts to customers to shop at half price with a discount of up to 1,500 baht. Ready to give away another coupon for a maximum discount of 1,000 baht. and lots of freebies for the best benefit of all vivo customers … Read more

The joy of the winners of the Šiškauskas tournament was unexpectedly interrupted by the trophies

In the final of the tournament, the Lithuanian men’s under-15 team 79:25 (20: 7, 18: 2, 22: 9, 19: 7) smashed the Lithuanian fourteen-year-old team and deservedly enjoyed the trophy. True, the basketball players who took back the winners’ cup wanted to have fun with it, but the smiles disappeared when the trophy held in … Read more

Meta stops developing a smart watch and frustrates Apple’s joy

Meta has developed a long-awaited smartwatch with a dual camera, and instead it works on other wrist devices. The design of the smart watch, which lasted for two years, and in contrast to the traditional features, the initial model of the watch had characteristics that distinguish it from the products of leading companies in the … Read more