The keys to the rise of cinema in Basque

Shoot a movie in Basque it is still a risky bet. Knows it very well David Pérez Sañudo who chose this language to record his debut, Ane (2020). “You have to be very aware of where we are,” says the filmmaker nominated in the next Goya Awards for Best New Director, Best Adapted Screenplay – … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio: These have been the keys to the success of the Oaxacan actress

Pronounce the name of Yalitza Aparicio is to remember a success story that has been consolidated over the years, the actress, originally from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, does not hesitate to share with whoever asks the keys that have determined the successful trajectory that he has led to position itself as an international benchmark. … Read more

5 KEYS to understand what the reform to the Electricity Law is about, who benefits. #What we know

It proposes eliminating the economic criterion in the dispatch of electricity by Cenace, the operator of the National Electric System; calls for “reviewing the legality and profitability” of the federal government’s generation and sale contracts with independent energy producers; it will modify the rules of the Clean Energy Certificates; it would eliminate the mandatory nature … Read more

Riots in Ecuador’s prisons: 3 keys that explain what lies behind the worst prison massacre in the country’s history

Rather, as part of the austerity plans agreed with the International Monetary Fund, these sectors have also been affected by the cuts that at the time generated a wave of protests. One of the consequences of the lack of resources is that, according to Snai’s own calculations, the deficit in the personnel in charge of … Read more

Glassnode shows in charts the keys to the bullish cycle of bitcoin

In the newsletter #3 Bitcoin Uncharted, the co-founders of the analysis firm Glassnode, Jan Happel and Yann Allemann, continue to offer revealing details of bitcoin (BTC) and the world of cryptocurrencies through interesting graphs that are related to the evolution of the current bull cycle of bitcoin. In this third installment, engineers address everything from … Read more

Omnichannel and gaming as responsible entertainment are keys to success

The ITALY 2021 virtual summit was recently held – RECOVERY, WITHDRAWAL OR REBOOT? at SBC Digital Italy, an event that brought together 750 leaders of the Italian gaming industry who addressed topics of maximum interest such as: advertising ban, new tax on turnover and confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this regard, Alexander Martin, … Read more