When cirrhosis of the liver becomes fatal

news International research association determines three forms of “acute decompensated liver cirrhosis” by Adolf Albus (27.08.2020) If the body can no longer compensate for the gradual failure of the liver as a result of liver cirrhosis, there is a risk of acute decompensation of the liver cirrhosis. In some patients, this quickly develops into an … Read more

Kidney patients with corona are more at risk of complications

Kidney patients are more prone to serious complications if they have the coronavirus. The mortality among these patients is also high. This has emerged from a survey of Dutch hospitals that is partly funded by the Kidney Foundation. The study shows that the mortality among dialysis and transplant patients, at 25 percent, is considerably higher … Read more

How can kidney failure kill people addicted to painkillers? .. A new episode of Walid Clinic’s program

The fourth episode of the Walid Clinic program, which is broadcast on the seventh day television, reveals the danger of analgesics to the general health of the human being and their cause in cases of kidney failure. The fourth episode explains the mechanism caused by the use of painkillers in the occurrence of kidney failure, … Read more

Kidney Deer Antler Stone Makes Bloody Urine, Get to Know the Risk Factors

KOMPAS.com – Disease kidney stones in a larger size can be kidney stone deer antler (satghorn stone), and cause various symptoms or complaints of disease. Among them such as low back pain, piss bleeding, sandy cloudy urine, urinating small stones, fever and pain during urination. Urologist specialist at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia … Read more

Cat Mustache Water Potentially Treat Kidney Stones

VIVA – Cat mustache has long been used and is believed to be a powerful drug to overcome various diseases. In fact, cat whiskers that are consumed regularly can treat kidney stones. The benefits of cat’s whiskers as an herbal that is efficacious for health are not mere figments. The plant with the scientific name … Read more

experts explain why obesity “helps” coronavirus

– Has long been known that overweight people have lowered immunity, says head of the Department of endocrinology of the medical faculty Russian national research medical University. N. And. Pirogov Tatiana Demidova. Research and practice show that in these patients increases the risk of atherosclerosis sharply increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart … Read more