Joel Mardinian’s kiss to her son on his mouth caused confusion on social media

Posted by IntroductionJoel MardinianA picture of her from the pool with her son teaching him to swim, and in one of the pictures, Mardinian appeared kissing him on his mouth, which caused confusion among the pioneers of social networking sites, who opposed the mother kissing her son in this way, while she is in a … Read more

Controversy over a “gay” kiss in a children’s film

In order to prevent the controversy from gaining momentum, Ciné Atlas has decided to speak out on the subject. While the film did not obtain an exploitation visa, because of the presence of a lesbian kiss, in a dozen countries and territories of the Middle East and Asia with a Muslim majority, including Malaysia, the … Read more

Who is the actress who refused to kiss her because she smells bad? .. An unexpected bold response from Adel Imam.. Get to know her

A number of social media pioneers circulated old statements by the artist, leader Adel Imam, as he talked about his artistic beginnings and the scenes of his relations with his colleagues in the artistic community. But the artist, Adel Imam, did not hesitate to talk about the personal side a lot. He only mentioned his … Read more

Madonna and Tokischa’s intense kiss on stage

Though Madonna is used to kissing with her friends like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, This time the singer took it a little further than the usual “little bit” and had a tremendous kiss with the Dominican Tokischa. It was during the performance of “The Queen of Pop” at the “Gay Pride” event in New … Read more

(It had no taste, and we were rinsing) .. The artist Hassan Youssef breaks his silence and explodes a loud surprise regarding the kiss scenes.!

The artist, Hassan Youssef, confirmed that he did not regret any work he presented during his artistic career, noting that his artistic career is as pure as a blank page. Hassan Youssef added in statements to “Cairo 24”: My artistic career is as pure as the white page, because I worked in the good time… … Read more

Kiss Ramona flashed such a butt in the pool that the water around him was boiling

You see the hard workout and the conscious diet: the sexy actress is in bomb form and she proudly showed it the other day. Lékai-Kiss Ramóna He traveled to Spain to recharge, and immediately took a sensual photo of himself as he licked in the hotel pool and sipped one of his favorite Spanish drinks, … Read more

Twitter users denounce that Cinépolis and Cinemex cut the lesbian kiss in ‘Lightyear’; chains deny censorship

Users of Twitter They denounced that in some rooms of the chain Cinépolis and Cinemex did not screen the scene of the kiss between two women in the Disney Pixar movie ‘Lightyear’, for which they criticized the companies for supposedly censoring that part of the film. The accusations come after last June 16 Cinépolis denied … Read more

Royal Ascot, Carlo’s unexpected kiss to Zara Tindall: Camilla controls it

The protagonist of these first two days of Royal Ascot is more and more Carlo. With her inseparable Camilla, dressed once in blue and once in white, she enjoys a world without the Queen and William e Kate Middleton. And between runs, kisses and arms snap with friends and relatives. But it is clear that … Read more

“The truth is that these people are idiots.” Chris Evans defends ‘Lightyear’ against those who criticize the film for including a lesbian kiss

There are a few days left for ‘Lightyear’The new movie of Pixarbut the controversy already accompanies it, and that is that several countries have decided to ban its premiere for including a lesbian kiss scene. Not that at Disney they are very friends of itbut they have decided to keep her in the film and … Read more