South Korean television apologized for inappropriate headlines at the opening of the Olympics

South Korean MBC television has apologized for inappropriate headlines at Friday’s opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. The arrival of the expeditions to the stadium was accompanied by stereotypical images characterizing individual countries. For example, Italy was introduced by pizza, Haiti by an earthquake, Ukraine by Chernobyl and Norway by salmon. The station described the … Read more

‘Mother-in-law’ Lee Moon-se “Somewhere flowers are falling”… ‘Korean modern dance godmother’ mourns the late Yuk Wan-soon

Singer Lee Moon-se/News1 © News1 DB Singer Lee Moon-se expressed his sorrow at the passing of Yuk Wan-soon, chairman of the Korean Contemporary Dance Promotion Association, who was his mother-in-law and ‘the godmother of Korean modern dance’. After posting a picture of a lily on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 23rd, Lee Moon-se … Read more

Kim Jong-un Regime Threatens Execution of North Koreans Using South Korean Slang

loading… PYONGYANG – Regime Kim Jong-un threatened to impose severe punishments including imprisonment and execution of young people North Korea (North Korea) if they use slang from South Korea (South Korea). North Korean state media, Rodong Sinmun, in his report urged youths to use a “superior” North Korean dialect or they could face severe punishment. … Read more

CFK Unveils 4 Game Titles in Korean for Nintendo Switch at Play Expo

CFK, a publisher specializing in consoles, has unveiled four Korean title games to be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. It was released on PC and gained popularity in the past. , which was first unveiled at TGS in 2020 Some information on the Introducing four CFK titles that will visit domestic gamers through … Read more

All released in Korean! Sega Korea to Unveil 9 Titles at Play Expo

The final order of the second day of the Play Expo was handled by Sega Publishing Korea. Sega Publishing Korea recently released it for free on PS Plus. Scheduled to be released on November 11th The event was decorated with various in-house developed or published titles. All nine published titles will be released in Korean. … Read more

Bring Ansan Greeners to Win, Asnawi Makes Korean Commentators Go Crazy

The star of the Indonesian national team, Asnawi Mangkualam, just made a scene for South Korean commentators when he brought Ansan Greeners to victory. INDOSPORT.COM – The star of the Indonesian national team is Asnawi Mangkualam, just made a scene in South Korean commentators when they brought Ansan Greeners to victory. As is known, Asnawi … Read more

Asnawi Mangkualam Cs Surprised After Defeating South Korean Heroes in the 2002 World Cup, Indonesia – Asnawi Mangkualam and Ansan Greeners were successful in defeating the South Korean hero at the 2002 World Cup, Seol Ki-hyeon. This was after Ki-hyeon handled Gyeongam FC which was defeated 1-3 by Ansan, Monday (12/7/2021). As is known, Ki-hyeon is indeed a legend for the South Korean football public. His goal against … Read more

H2, ‘Eldist Soul’ PC/Nintendo Switch Korean version to be officially released on the 29th

[자료제공: 에이치투 인터렉티브] H2 Interactive (hereafter H2) is a soul-like action game from Fallen Flag Studios. The Korean version of the PC and Nintendo Switch will be officially released on July 29th at a retail price of 22,000 won. is a unique boss rush game featuring fast paced and brutal challenges. A moment’s judgment determines … Read more

AFC Champions League ︱ Jiezhiyuan do the best second place in the knockout round, Daegu counter-pressures the Korean 4th Army to qualify (22:09)-20210711-Sports-News

The Korean vocational team FC Daegu beat the Philippines representative FC United City 4-0 in Group I of the AFC tonight (11th) and snatched the best second-place qualification from the Hong Kong Super League champion Jiezhi in Group J. Last Friday, Jiezhi, who completed the group stage first, scored 11 points with Pohang Steelers in … Read more

Korean shipbuilding industry receives orders in the first half of the year, the highest in 13 years “Cruising in the second half”

The Korean shipbuilding industry won nearly half of global ship orders in the first half of this year. This is the highest performance in 13 years. All of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers ordered worldwide in the first half of the year were received by domestic companies. According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry … Read more