Hot! North Korea Launches Cruise Missile During US-South Korean Military Exercises

Jakarta – North Korea (North Korea) fired several cruise missile on Wednesday (22/3/2023). This is the latest launch to be made as South Korea and the United States conduct military training along with those criticized by North Korea. “The South Korean military has detected multiple cruise missiles launched into the East Sea by North Korea,” … Read more

The popular Korean drama “Dark Glory” does the mobile phone used by the character also have something to do with personality? – Mobile phone brand news | ePrice

The second season of “Dark Glory” just concluded, tells the story of a heroine who was bullied in high school and suffered tremendous physical and mental pain. After leaving the society for many years, she decided to take revenge on the original perpetrators. A fascinating story of perpetrators paying for past crimes. In the play, … Read more

Advanced Technology Joint Military Exercises, South Korea, US Ignore North Korean Missile Threats

Monday, March 20 2023 – 14:52 WIB VIVA World – South Korea (South Korea) and the United States (US) held a high-tech joint military exercise with increased “intensity and realism”, said the South Korean Army on Monday, March 20, 2023. They said the drills were part of a combined effort to increase deterrence against North … Read more

The US has accused China of covering up North Korean atrocities

The United States has accused China of trying to hide North Korean atrocities from the worldby blocking the online broadcast of an informal meeting of the members of the UN Security Council on accusations of human rights violations by Pyongyang, reports “Reuters”. “Some members of the Council are determined to protect the regime (in North … Read more

South Korean plan for 69-hour workweek falls due to too much resistance

Redux / The New York Times SyndicationSeoul commuters NOS News•yesterday, 07:23 Julian Buijzen foreign editor Julian Buijzen foreign editor Working 69 hours a week. If it were up to the South Korean government, it should have been possible soon. But young people, trade unions and the opposition think otherwise: they fear that the plan entails … Read more

The aftermath of Googling Kim Jong Un’s name led to a death sentence for North Korean intelligence

Jakarta – A North Korean (North Korean) spy was sentenced to death. This penalty was given for daring to googling or looking for and reading information about their leader, Kim Jong Unthe internet. The spy is a member of Bureau 10 in North Korea’s intelligence agency. He will face execution by Pyongyang’s firing squad. Reported … Read more

Little S incarnated as “Mother of the Middle Temple” and went crazy in Korean! Netizens who crave Korean food crazily hit their bowls “Dining with Liu Zaixi” – Kpopn

Big S reunited with Koo Junye, a member of Cool Dragon last year. The love story between the two became popular all over Korea, and the popularity of his younger sister, Xiao S, was also very high in Korea. Recently, Xiao S went to his brother-in-law’s hometown “Korea” to play. He once again updated “beautiful … Read more

People don’t pay much attention to the Octavia Scout’s Korean rival in our country, it costs hundreds of thousands less used than the Škoda

People don’t pay much attention to the Octavia Scout’s Korean rival in our country, it costs hundreds of thousands less used than the Škoda yesterday | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Kia In general, it is a popular car, but its “all-road” version is not so popular. So if you’re drawn to plastic station wagons in … Read more

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un prepares for ‘real war’

CHASING 2023 m. kovo 12 d. 13:20 kim jongunas Photo: AFP / Scanpix aA North Korea has decided to take “significant practical” measures to deter war, state media said on Sunday, a day before the start of the biggest joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington in five years. The decision was made at a … Read more