Labor Party-Ummah Files Declared Complete at KPU, Not Working yet

Jakarta – Registration of participants election 2024 followed by six political parties today. Of the 6 parties, there are 3 parties whose files are declared complete, namely the Labor Party, the Ummah Party, and the Republican Party. “Of the six political parties listed, there are three political parties whose documents are declared complete and three … Read more

Led by Anis Matta, Gelora Party Lists 2024 Election Contestants to KPU

Jakarta – Celebration Party register as participants in the 2024 general election KPU today. Chairman of the Gelora Party Anise Carpet direct the registration. Anis Matta and his entourage arrived at KPU RI, Central Jakarta, Sunday (7/8/2022), at 09.50 WIB. The Deputy Chairperson of the Gelora Party Fahri Hamzah and other ranks, Dedi Miing Gumelar … Read more