Putin threatened to kill me, claims Boris Johnson. It’s embarrassing, the Kremlin responds

Karla Adamová writes, we publish the article courtesy of The Washington Post. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally threatened him with a missile attack shortly before the invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin quickly denied his words. The allegation appeared in excerpts of a new BBC documentary on Putin … Read more

Johnson claims Putin threatened him with a missile, but the Kremlin denies it | International

Boris Johnson decided to be one of the strongest voices against the invasion of Ukraine from the beginningand clung tightly to that Churchillian moment to forget all the scandals that were beginning to irreversibly sink his brief tenure as prime minister. Even now that he has left power, he maintains a desire to monopolize that … Read more

Kremlin: Trump is right, tanks aggravate the escalation – World

Former US President Donald Trump is in a sense right when, referring to Western supplies of tanks to Ukraine, he states that “first the tanks arrive, then the nuclear warheads”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “One can agree with these words, in the sense that there is an escalation of tensions”, underlined … Read more

Tank deliveries: the Kremlin threatened the West

“Declarations are constantly coming from European capitals and Washington that the sending of various weapon systems, including tanks, to Ukraine in no way means that these countries or the alliance (NATO) are participating in the hostilities taking place in Ukraine. We categorically disagree with this. . Moscow considers everything done by the alliance and the … Read more

One of the richest people in Russia addressed the Kremlin: enough of those loud words

“People left. He probably had reasons for that. Some agree with it, some don’t, but they, most of them, continue to work for our country, our economy, they work for their companies. Some of them will return, some will not. Why turn them away? Why chase them? They will find work elsewhere. After all, they … Read more

Military experts: the signal to the Kremlin is becoming clearer

A signal to the Kremlin The Ramstein conference was held in Germany on Friday, military experts recalled. For him, Western countries consistently shaped the information space so that the decisions made would not cause the effect of an exploding bomb not so much in their societies as in the Kremlin. Western strategy for support for … Read more

Wagner Group, Prigozhin | ISW: The Kremlin has begun to lose faith in the Wagner leader

In its latest report, the American think tank Institute for the study of war (ISW), which follows the invasion of Ukraine very closely, writes that the Kremlin’s trust in Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has weakened: – Prigozhin’s star has begun to fade after months of apparent progress, after he failed to deliver on promises to … Read more

Wagner-style weapons from North Korea. And the brigade is scary even in the Kremlin

They have fought in Syria, Libya and Mali, they are keeping up the Special Operation in Donbass, and in recent days, by conquering Soledar, they have managed to penetrate the heart of Ukraine. The men of the Wagner Group, the private military company of 61-year-old oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, are scary. Not only in Kiev, but … Read more

Everything but the green men. Bulgaria remains a Kremlin target

The other day, the inhabitants of Bulgaria learned that on April 20, 2016, an attempted coup almost took place in the country. According to the plan prepared by Russian military intelligence, members of two paramilitary organizations, Vasil Levski and Shipka, more than seven hundred people in total, were to riot outside the parliament, start shooting … Read more

Fear of air raids?: Kremlin places anti-aircraft defenses on Moscow’s roofs

Fear of air raids? Kremlin places anti-aircraft defenses on Moscow’s roofs 01/20/2023, 07:19 am Before the meeting of western Ukraine supporters in Ramstein, Russia continues to isolate itself. The Kremlin is increasing Moscow’s defense readiness and placing anti-aircraft systems in the center of the Russian capital. Russia is apparently preparing for attacks inland: The Kremlin … Read more