If you made temptation scenes, you would reach a greater position

Tell me – Egyptian artist Hala Sidqi revealed her opinion on presenting the roles of “temptation” in artworks, noting that if she had accepted to present them, she would have reached a completely different place than she is at the present time, as she put it. Sidqi said in televised statements that in her artistic … Read more

Discounts on the PlayStation 5 price in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar

PlayStation 5 It is the latest gaming device from Sony, which provides an ultra-realistic gaming experience thanks to its amazing graphic and audio capabilities, but this device is not cheap, as its price exceeds 2100 riyals in some markets, so, if you want to acquire this device without emptying your pocket, you should take advantage … Read more

Google warns.. These phones are vulnerable to serious breaches! – names

Google has warned of the existence of about 18 exposed vulnerabilities in the Exynos chipset used in Samsung devices. According to Google’s Project Zero vulnerability research team, 4 of the 18 exposed vulnerabilities are the most critical, as they allow remote code execution from the Internet to the baseband. Samsung explained that remote code execution … Read more

Microsoft makes Outlook free for Mac computers

Tell me – Microsoft announced the availability of the Outlook email program for free for Mac computers running the MacOS operating system, but on the condition that ads appear. The American company stated that it had redesigned the Outlook program to adapt it to the M1 and M2 processors developed by Apple. It is noteworthy … Read more

Garbage theft and selling on the black market; Kuwait Municipality takes action against fraudsters

Kuwait City: A Kuwaiti municipality has discovered a large network of people stealing, sorting and selling waste on the black market. Expatriates also have a role in this. It is headed by a citizen working in the governorate branch. Their method is to sort the waste, load it in a lorry and sell it in … Read more

Massive drug bust in Kuwait hashish and captagon pills were seized l Massive drug bust in Kuwait

Kuwait: Huge cache of drugs seized in Kuwait. 120 kg of hashish and 36,000 Captagon pills were seized from the accused. The drugs were seized under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmed Assabah. COMMERCIAL BREAK SCROLL TO CONTINUE READING Also Read: Ramadan 2023: Opening hours of … Read more

Expatriate workers above 60 years of age allowed to renew residency in Kuwait

In Kuwait, expatriate workers above the age of 60 are allowed to renew their residency -iqama- to the private sector. Aseel Al Masyad, director of the public relations and media department of the Public Authority for Manpower, said that expatriates who are not university graduates aged 60 and above can transfer their iqama to the … Read more

Kuwait St. Gregorios Maha Parish Youth Movement Organized One Day Conference

04 March 2023, 10:59 PM IST . Kuwait: A one-day conference was organized under the auspices of St. Gregorios Maha Parish Youth Movement with the participation of youth movement units of other Orthodox parishes in Kuwait. Based on this year’s theme of the youth movement, “Get out of the ark”, the parish co-vicar Fr. Dr. … Read more

Crossing the red signal; Last year more than two lakh people were fined

Kuwait City | Brigadier General Ibrahim Al Jalal of the Interior Ministry’s Transport Department revealed that 2,36,000 people, including locals and foreigners, were fined for running a red signal in Kuwait last year. During this period, 26 lakh people were fined for violating the speed limit. 42 lakh direct and indirect violations were recorded. Ibrahim … Read more

George Wassouf announces his first concert after the death of his son Wadih

Sultan of Tarab George Wassouf ) The Syrian artist, George Wassouf, is scheduled to perform in the State of Kuwait next March, his first concert since the death of his son, Wadih, who died last January. And George Wassouf published a poster for the concert, which was titled “The Legends of Tarab Concert”, indicating its … Read more