If power and water are cut off in this winter’s “end of the world” scenario in Kyiv = mayor | Reuters

[キーウ 7日 ロイター] – Kryuchko, the mayor of Kyiv (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine, said on Thursday that Kyiv could be cut off from electricity, heating and water supplies this winter if Russian airstrikes on critical infrastructure continue, calling for an “apocalypse.” apocalyptic scenario” could also occur. said in an interview with Reuters. Although it … Read more

Klitschko warns: an apocalypse may occur in Kyiv like in Hollywood movies

According to him, residents do not have to evacuate the city yet, but warned that they should be ready to leave, Sky news writes. “Kyiv may lose electricity, water and heat supply. There may be an apocalypse, like in Hollywood movies, when it is impossible to live at home given the low temperature,” he was … Read more

Nerudová defends herself against criticism for saying that the government should not go only to Kyiv

Nerudova was asked last week at a presidential candidate debate held primarily for students whether, as head of state, she would stand up for the government and try to eliminate the hatred the cabinet faces over aid to Ukraine. The economist noted that Czech society is in solidarity, which she also proved by helping Ukraine … Read more

Ukraine war in the news ticker: 70,000 Ukraine refugees have received protection status S | US: Did not encourage or enable Kyiv to attack Russia

Yesterday, 05:16 The latest wave of Russian attacks has again killed several people in Ukraine and cut off electricity and water supplies in some places. Nevertheless, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky celebrated the success of the air defense against the large number of Russian cruise missiles on Monday: “Every Russian missile launched is concrete proof that … Read more

Group arrested who wanted to cut Banksy artwork out of wall in Kyiv | War in Ukraine

Eight people have been arrested in a suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv for trying to steal a mural by anonymous artist Banksy. The group wanted to carve the British graffiti artist’s artwork out of a wall. The arrested suspects are between 27 and 60 years old. They come from Kyiv and Cherkasi, a city … Read more

A former FSB officer fighting for Ukraine – about Russian brutality and attempts to kill him

I. Bogdanov is now a citizen of Ukraine. He stood up for Ukraine back in 2014. Participated in the Ilovaisk operation, battles for the Donetsk airport. Later, he decided to return to civilian life and founded a Korean food restaurant in the center of Kyiv. However, when the large-scale invasion began on February 24, the … Read more

Russian preparations for evacuation from Kakhovka, withdrawal from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, another plan to capture Kyiv. What’s Happening on the Front Line

British Ministry of Defense notesthat after the retreat from the right bank of the Dnieper, the Russian troops began to have serious problems with logistics. The Russians are pushing strongholds and supply centers further and further from the line of contact to the south and east. Road transport is vulnerable to the artillery of the … Read more

Blackouts in Ukraine: 80% of Kyiv households without electricity after Russian attacks

Massive Blackouts in der Ukraine Russia announces further “decimation”. 11/25/2022, 10:06 am (updated) The situation is desperate: After the massive attacks by Russian troops, large parts of Ukraine have no electricity or water. In Kyiv alone, 80 percent of households have no electricity. But Moscow intends to stick to its strategy until Kyiv takes a … Read more

More emergency shutdowns in Kyiv – news.ORF.at

Five days after serious Russian rocket attacks, the Ukrainian capital Kyiv continues to struggle with unannounced emergency power cuts. 55 percent of households are affected, the military administration of the city announced today via Telegram. The emergency shutdowns should not last longer than five hours. The local supplier had previously announced that every customer would … Read more

The mayor of kyiv said that he does not rule out partially evacuating the city if “the worst scenario” occurs in the face of Russian attacks

kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko on a visit to the territorial defense forces (Reuters) The Kiev mayorVitali Klitschko said Monday that the authorities “do not rule out the worst case scenario“because of the russian attacks against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and has pointed out that there could be a “partial” evacuation of the city if the power … Read more