Amalia wears earrings from Amsterdam jewelery label

Princess Amalia today wears large earrings in the shape of a jellyfish. They come from the Amsterdam jewelery label Barong Barong. Or well, Amsterdam… It’s more like Amsterdam meets Indonesia. The designers have Indonesian roots and Barong Barong is an Indonesian saying that means something like: everyone has beauty in them, sometimes it just needs … Read more

frighteningly!! MOMOLAND separated from the famous label, ending their 7-year relationship.

…Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. First of all, we would like to sincerely thank the fans who love and support MOMOLAND. each other and agreed to terminate the exclusive contract at the end of the contract period. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to MOMOLAND for being with us for such a long … Read more

Will apartments lose their top investment label? An overview of what will earn the most and beat inflation this year

Protecting finances from depreciation has been an almost Sisyphean task for the last year. Record level of general price growth did not let up in Slovakia even in December. The year-on-year inflation rate remained at 15.4 percent in the last month of last year, which forces people to look for options where to invest to … Read more

The music industry is sad “Baikhwan Ratchaya Yotkaew”, a young singer and record label executive sudden death

The music industry is sad “Baikhwan Ratchaya Yotkaew”, a young singer and record label executive The owner of the song “Ji Jia” passed away suddenly yesterday (15 Jan. ’23) from acute heart failure. (16 Jan. ’23) Nest’s Facebook page Nattsanthis Kitti Kwangthong or NESYUD posted a picture and informed the sad news of the music … Read more

Renovating an old house to EPC label A costs up to 100,000 euros: “But you earn back those investments faster and faster” | Sustainable renovation

Anyone who buys a home with energy label E or F must give it a thorough overhaul within five years. The renovation obligation – which came into force on 1 January – can take a big bite out of your budget, but according to Marc Dillen of the construction federation Embuild, everyone will benefit in … Read more

Strong…a young country singer Being a giant record label pedophile I asked for teeth to exchange for a song – the abbreviation came!

Celebrity page releases celebrity gossip news Young country singer Being a pedophile – a bad music teacher ask for teeth to exchange for a song If you want to be popular, you have to agree. Until having to flee from the industry abbreviation – hint complete There is hot news from people in the entertainment … Read more

[Shadow]The craziest county magistrate takes office!Zhong Dongjin shouted “Miaoli has a king” is a label and a benchmark

Reporter Chen Guanfu / comprehensive report Zhong Dongjin, the new magistrate of Miaoli County, was sworn in on the 25th. Zhong Dongjin’s wife Chen Meiqi also attended the ceremony. Zhong Dongjin, attending the meeting on behalf of the Executive Yuan and under the supervision of Yang Changzhen, chairman of the Hakka Committee, officially took over … Read more

Pat Napapha gets out of a luxury car with a red label. Everyone is stunned. This one is the most suitable for mom!

Another talented single mother like “Pat Napapha Tantrakul” Racing’s mother We can see that Mae Pat has worked hard, both in the entertainment industry and in online sales. Keep your family happy Many people appreciate Pat’s mother and send encouragement continuously. And most recently, with the skill and diligence of the mother, that mother can … Read more

Mom Laconic launches a new car for the end of the year Focus on the red label, beautiful number Lottery neck, take note quickly!

Running in the entertainment industry for a long time “Mom Laconic” Famous singers have a unique identity. no matter what kind of works he has Fans are following a large number of supporters. And we can follow his movements from Instagram @mumlaconics posted a picture of himself. Events are frequent. Recently, it’s a good time … Read more

Wow! red label girl graduate Get a gift of a thousand angel wings banknotes worth more than 2 million baht (watch the clip)

Social media flocked to like the picture of a graduate girl with a red label Bangkok University which received a very eye-catching gift They are angel wings made entirely from thousand dollars. And there’s also a steering wheel around the neck. totaling more than 2 million baht On December 15, TikTok users “@bangkok.bu” or Bangkok … Read more