From an all-round striker to a labor role model! How Chandler Parsons Became a Pay Thief – NBA – Basketball

“All the stadium staff, trainers, doctors, coaches, teammates, agents.”“The most important thing is to support my fans, thank you.”“I’m starting to miss those flying days at home and away.”“But I know that I have to move on to the next stage in my life.” On January 19, Taiwan time, former Eagles player Chandler Parsons, known … Read more

Should the intention to carry out a takeover bid on a stock issuer be made public?

In the midst of the purchases presented and carried out by the Gilinski Group on Sura and Nutresa, both companies of the Antioquia Business Group (GEA) have alleged irregularities in the process of their authorization. Among the complaints that have been made known is the fact that each company had not been informed of the … Read more

Most Valuable Activision Video Games Now Under Microsoft Control

The acquisition by Bill Gates’s company of this giant, which cost US$68.7 billion, has caused an earthquake in the gamer industry. Do you know what video games belong to Microsoft now? An iconic purple dragon, loads of orcs, heavily armed soldiers, and garishly colored candy, that’s how Activision Blizzard’s ambitious video game catalog could be … Read more

Is the United States ready to recognize Russia’s right to influence?

If so, NATO’s unrest over Putin’s alleged invasion of Ukraine could only be a smokescreen There has been a dramatic de-escalation of Washington’s reactions to “Russian aggression” from Crimea in 2014 to Kazakhstan in 2022. My optimistic assessment of the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva in June seemed, at first glance, refuted by the events of … Read more

Coke exports set a record by totaling 4.2 million tons in 2021

The National Federation of Coal Producers (Phenalcarbon) revealed that the exported volume of coke during 2021 was 4.2 million tons, a historical maximum recorded in the country’s history. This increase means an increase close to 26%. “According to our preliminary figures, in 2021 we will export 4.2 million tons of coke, equivalent to approximately US$1.4 … Read more

Prof. Vitanov: The number of new cases will be large, but monstrous values ​​will not be reached

The mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov posted on Facebook brief information about the operational situation for the pandemic of January 20, 2022. “The number of new cases will be large, but monstrous values ​​such as 60,000, 70,000 or 100,000 cases a day will not be reached. The reason – the uneven burning of Kovid fire in … Read more

Bancolombia’s stock felt the effect of the takeover bids and yesterday it appreciated 9.76% on the BVC

After a new Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) was announced by Nutresa, this Tuesday, January 18, Bancolombia’s common stock soared 9.76%, closing at $42,050 on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC). This advance in the kind of Bancolombia is related to the latest movements of the Gilinski Group over the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA), especially with the … Read more

“Citizenship income is not used to pay the Camorra’s labor”

“In the metropolitan area of ​​Naples we record scams in the area of ​​citizenship income for an amount of 5 million euros. I believe that the issue must be addressed without demagoguery: there are social groups that need support, but I believe that a work of preventive filter “. This was stated by the president … Read more

In response to Yao Ming’s visit to China to invite NBA stars: Can I go to the labor camp to watch | Kanter | Boston Team | Beijing Winter Olympics

[The Epoch Times, January 20, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) American NBA playersKanter(Enes Kanter Freedom) Wednesday (Jan 19) Responds to former NBA playersYao MingThe invitation to visit China, he said that he wanted to visit the real China, “Can I go to the labor camps (labor camps) to see.” KanterA player of … Read more