Was the Megxit planned for years? This is revealed by Andrew Morton, expert on the royal family and biographer of Lady Di

Two years ago, in January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their official functions within the British royal family. Two years after the “Megxit”, an expert on the monarchy revealed that this decision would have been taken much earlier, as soon as they married in 2018. At the beginning of 2020, the United Kingdom … Read more

Close to Eden Hazard, clash with Raiola and “iron lady”: who Marina Granovskaïa is and why she will be missed at Chelsea

In the wake of the departure of President Bruce Buck, the former assistant of Roman Abramovich will in turn leave the Blues. Turning ? This episode with Didier Drogba in 2009 which allowed Marina Granovskaïa to assert her importance within the sports structure of Chelsea. This season, the Elephants star was relegated to the Blues … Read more

Congresswoman Lady Camones tested positive for Covid-19

The congresswoman of the Alliance for Progress party, Lady Camones, reported that she has tested positive for Covid-19. News that she announced from the Ancash region, where she is completing the week of representation. The first Vice President of the Congress of the Republic also pointed out that she has her three doses of the … Read more

A professional cleaning lady advised the only right way to wash the windows. You won’t do it any differently

Window cleaning is not a very popular home activity. But when you learn simple tricks, it will be great for you and you will no longer spend a penny on expensive cleaning products. What to buy and how to do it? So many resources, yet so useless Commercial preparations from the store have one big … Read more

Profile of Sheikh Yasser Al-habib, Screenwriter of The Lady of Heaven which is banned in many countries

loading… Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib is a Kuwaiti imam and scholar. Photo/youtube LONDON – The world of cinema has recently been in a commotion with the release of the film The Lady of Heaven. This historical drama-themed film, directed by Eli King, was written by Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib. This film depicts the story of Fatimah, the … Read more

Will there be a place for Lady Gaga in the new Joker?

The film journalist appreciated the acting skills of the outrageous singer. How appropriate Lady Gaga will look in the sequel to the Joker, director David Shneiderov said. Recently, journalists learned that the singer is in talks with Warner Bros. According to rumors, the celebrity may appear in the Todd Phillips film in the image of … Read more

“The lady is married, but not with me.” Gunta Veita’s relationship with her 35-year-old girlfriend is broken – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

According to the magazine “Kas Jauns”, the relationship between the two broke down last year. Both have maintained good contact. Although Veit’s daily life is busy with concerts and fishing, he tells him what his chosen one should be like. “For me to see him at all, the decisive factor is appearance. Of course. It’s … Read more

Resident Evil Village Gets Shadows of Rose Story DLC, Playable Lady Dimitreska, and Third-Person View

As part of an online presentation Capcom Showcase Japanese developers have announced a long-awaited story addition for Resident Evil Villagenamed Shadows of Rose. In the story expansion, players will take control of Rose — the grown-up daughter of Ethan Winters from the finale of the game, who, 16 years later, will have to visit Dimitrescu’s … Read more

Lady Gaga may star in the new “Joker”

It is possible that in the sequel “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix we’ll see Lady Gaga. According to Western publications, the celebrity is interested in the role of Harley Quinn and is already in talks about filming. The new film is subtitled “Madness for Two” and is directed by Todd Phillips, the author of the original … Read more