Test of the “new” Lady Niva: The Travel model has a new design, but the durable technology has remained

It is also possible to buy a newer version of the Lada Niva in the Czech Republic and commonly use it on and off the roads. In the test, we tested the version with the highest equipment, which also includes navigation, air conditioning, heated windshield and seats. And also, of course, everything that is suitable … Read more

Our Lady of Sorrows

Today, September 15, one day after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Church commemorates Our Lady of Sorrows. In some way, the succession of both ephemeris is an invitation to meditate on the mystery of the pain that united the lives of Jesus and Mary for the redemption of the human … Read more

Lady Sanità’s climb against the waiting lists started from the capital

The healthcare of the future will be increasingly characterized by concentrations of large groups, and by greater synergy between public and private especially to reduce waiting lists that have increased exponentially due to Covid and a strong push towards technological evolution and digitalization ” . Maria Laura Garofalo, knight of labor, lawyer (“I practiced three … Read more

Santoral of today September 11: Our Lady of Coromoto

Today, September 11, we celebrate the Blessed Virgin under the invocation of Our Lady of Coromoto, Patroness of Venezuela. Tradition tells that, after the arrival of the Spaniards to the Guanare region (Venezuela) in 1591, the Indians of the Cospes tribe, inhabitants of the region, left their land and moved to the Tucupido River with … Read more

A 40-year-old lady insults, spits and hits security guards at Médiacité in Liège

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 12:20 p.m. Through Emilie Depoorter A 40-year-old lady, well known to the police and the judiciary, was caught in the act of shoplifting on Tuesday afternoon at the Médiacité. A request for an arrest warrant is filed against him. This Tuesday, during the afternoon, two security agents arrested … Read more

Lady Inzaghi: ‘Inter? Simone had to change, even if inside I was dying ‘| A league

Gaia Lucariello, wife of Simone Inzaghi, coach ofInter, is told to Spend: “Inter? Simone had to change for his career, which comes first. Even though I was dying inside, I didn’t hold back: I tried to give him all the strength possible, all my support. I would never have done it. weigh nothing, rather I … Read more

Why are the Blue Colors of Krishna and Our Lady So ​​Rare in Nature?

Jakarta, Gatra.com- When you look up at the blue sky overhead or gaze at the seemingly endless expanse of blue ocean, you may think that the color blue is commonplace in nature. Live Science, 06/09. But of all the colors found in rocks, plants and flowers, or in the fur, feathers, scales and skins of … Read more

The first lady is back in front of the board. Despite the traditions, Biden continues to work

“Learning is not just what I do, learning is what I am,” he quotes web The White House acting First Lady of the United States. Like most teachers, she had to resort to distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic, but she should return to the auditoriums on Tuesday at the US State College in Northern … Read more

The first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, will not only be president, she will return to work

According to The Washington Post, Biden will give lectures two days a week at North Virginia Community College near Washington, D.C. These will be contact lectures. Biden was already working at this college when her husband was his deputy during Barack Obama’s presidency in 2009-2017. Biden is the first U.S. lady to pursue a professional … Read more

The lady of the screen awarded him the championship.. when Shadia and Faten competed for the love of a travel agent

In the cinema, we may see some faces whose names top the movie posters for one time and win the absolute championship in one or a few works, and then disappear forever. Among these faces is the handsome artist Amr Al-Torgoman, the hero of the movie “The Miracle”, starring the great artist Shadia and the … Read more