Get to know Laser Ray Therapy from Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan

BALIKPAPAN, investor, id – The use of lasers in medicine, especially skin health is not new. There are many types of lasers and each has its own uses. Including proven effective in overcoming skin problems. The results are very instant and very long term. A reconstructive plastic surgeon from Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan, Dr Arie Wibisono … Read more

NASA Soon Tests New Laser To Accelerate Space Communications

Logo NASA. (Shutterstock) – NASA planning to do a retrial laser outer space to tighten up space communication. Having been delayed for two years, the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) is ready to be launched no earlier than 4 December. It will launch into space on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket aboard … Read more

Belarus, Poland | Lightning and laser at the border between Poland and Belarus

Tensions escalated again on the border between Belarus and Poland on Saturday night. Under cover of darkness, it was basically quiet and calm at the border near the Polish city of Szeremcha on Saturday night. Suddenly the night was lit up by flashing flashes and green laser beams. At the same time, vehicles and personnel … Read more

US military to test most powerful laser weapon ever

The US federal government has awarded a contract for the construction of a 300 kilowatt prototype laser weapon. In its efforts to strengthen its Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD), the US military is innovating. This week, the U.S. Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) awarded a contract to General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) … Read more

A 5D optical disc could store 500TB for billions of years, thanks to a fast and energy-efficient laser writing method

Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a fast, energy-efficient laser writing method to produce high-density nanostructures in silica glass, Optica reports. These tiny structures can be used for long-term optical storage of five-dimensional (5D) data, more than 10,000 times dense than Blue-Ray optical disc storage technology. This type of data storage uses three … Read more

Destroying Missiles with a Laser Beam: America’s “Star Wars” Defense Plan

As if it were the attack of the very “star of death”, the United States Army announced that in conjunction with the companies General Atomic and Boeing, they will make a laser beam of 300 kW. The device will have the ability to detect, track and destroy missiles, the To be It is so powerful … Read more

The US could be building a missile defense laser – Daily Final Version

The United States Army has contracted with General Atomic and Boeing to build a 300 kW laser beam that is capable of detecting, tracking, and destroying enemy missiles. With this power, the laser is capable of melt metal and electronic components easily in a matter of seconds. According to, the main problem to be … Read more

300 kW of laser beam to destroy missiles in flight │ elsiglocomve

No matter how fast your missiles are or how well they can dodge traditional defense systems, nothing can protect them from a laser beam traveling at the speed of light. PHOTO: REFERENTIAL And much less if that laser beam has such power that it can destroy the missiles while they are in the air. This … Read more

Review of the new “Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean” that comes with the first laser dust detection technology!!

with the situation ofCOVID 19 that is still going viral now, we rarely see many new product launches, including Dyson British home technology equipment camp as well. But…it’s not that Dyson doesn’t have new items to open, because he’s still sending out new products as usual. Even though I think it’s not as much as … Read more

“Black hole laser” is supposed to make Hawking radiation measurable

Scientists continue to search for ways to detect Hawking radiation. To do this, they propose a new laser that simulates some of the properties of a black hole. The Hawking radiation, formulated in theory by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and named after him, is an elusive thermal radiation that is assumed to originate from … Read more