Few lessons learned from corona: it again seems to be every man for himself in the European approach to monkey pox virus

This weekend there was a long queue at the vaccination center in Lille, where many Belgians also had themselves vaccinated against the monkey pox virus. They do meet the French conditions for eligibility for an injection, but not the Belgian one. These are forced to be stricter due to a shortage of vaccines in our … Read more

He learned about Jani Vadon’s dismissal at the door: he was not even allowed to enter the TV building – Domestic star

Wild Jani his TV career is HBO How Much? 30! he started with his production, in which he worked as an editor and actor. Then came Z+, where he also edited and hosted a show. Here he already worked with Balázz Sebestyén, but the joint work could last only one year, because Vadon was fired … Read more

The Chinese have learned to listen to the premises using fiber optic cables

Researchers at Tsinghua University in China have developed a technique for listening to conversations inside rooms where fiber optic cables run. They are used, for example, to provide an Internet connection, so you can find them everywhere. The results of the work of scientists were recently published in the Internet. Image Source: Pixabay The fact … Read more

For Violeta Repčenkaita – 40-year-old: about her mother’s example, connection with ex-husbands and a lesson learned

A little more than a decade ago, the beautiful Violeta Repčenkaitė, who shone on television screens, closed the door to the world of stars firmly and, it seems, never looked back. Today, she lives in a completely different rhythm: she has been organizing awareness camps for women in Malta for several years. Violeta speaks about … Read more

“We learned it at the same time as the viewers”: Laurent Kérusoré balances on the stop of “Plus belle la vie”

In an interview with “Ici Paris”, published on July 27, Laurent Kérusoré, star actor of “Plus belle la vie”, attacked the leaders of France Télévisions on their way of announcing the end of the series. French cult of France 3. Last May, after weeks of rumors and speculation, the management of France Télévisions confirmed the … Read more

Private sellers have already learned the well-known tricks of used car dealerships. He knows well how to push interested parties into buying – Autozine

Buying a used car may not be easy. It has long been no longer just dishonest car dealerships where we are in danger of running into them. Many tricks and methods have also started to be used by private sellers who want to get rid of their car. How often can people interested in a … Read more

After the previous promises were not fulfilled, the head of the Vilnius cogeneration power plant says: we have learned not to raise expectations

On Tuesday, the construction of the biomass unit of the Vilnius cogeneration power plant was presented to the media. Previously, it was expected that the capital would be able to start heating with biofuel already this autumn or winter. But it will have to wait. As the project manager of the biofuel power plant told … Read more

Russia has learned from Iran how to circumvent sanctions. Two recipes to stop him

You can also listen to the article in audio version. When Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, Western nations showed surprising unity and soon came up with the first package of anti-Russian sanctions. He wrote a letter already at the beginning of March The Economist about the fact that the United States is preparing the … Read more