Leaving PSMS Medan, Former National Team Player Titus Bonai Now Competing in the Konawe Regent’s Cup

Ibnu Sina Ali Hakim, check Indonesia Sunday, 05 December 2021 9021 views Titus Bonai competes in the Konawe Regent’s Cup. Photo: Instagram Laodesongkopanatagama ” Titus Bonai through his personal Instagram account announced an official separation from PSMS Medan. This was done ahead of the big 8 round of Liga 2 which took place this month … Read more

In BMW, BMW blocked a girl’s Toyota and flew off the road, the culprit fled after leaving the wrecked car

The girl who drove the Toyota Yaris said the accident happened when BMW she was bent over. The BMW X5, thrown aside, obstructed the front of a small Toyota, and then the SUV was finally crashed, bumped into the curb (the front wheels broke, and even the tire broke off), crossed the sidewalk and fell … Read more

“I’m leaving FC Barcelona because I want to be the best in the world …”

220 million euros, a transfer that broke football, which left the FC Barcelona on fire and that today does not have the expected result. “I’m leaving because I want to be the best in the world”, was the phrase of Neymar to get to Paris Saint Germain Four seasons ago, however, the plan failed. Neymar … Read more

‘Mr. Peet ‘broke his silence after leaving “EEG”: “They made my bed and betrayed me” | This is War | Peter Arevalo | BOCONVIP

Updated on 12/01/2021 05:40 pm Sports journalist Peter Arévalo, better known as’ Mr. Peet ‘, spoke for the first time about his departure from “This is war”In 2019, after spending a long season as a reality show narrator. The commentator gave an interview to the YouTube channel ‘Peru Bonny’, where he revealed unpublished details of … Read more

Ómicron “is the inevitable result of hoarding vaccines and leaving Africa out”: Ayoade Alakija, director of the African Alliance for Vaccine Delivery

Drafting BBC News World 29 November 2021 Caption, Ayoade Alakija is co-director of the African Alliance for Vaccine Delivery. The appearance of the omicron variant of the virus that causes covid-19 has caused a stir in the world in recent days. Especially after several countries put restrictions and bans on travelers arriving on flights from … Read more

My grandfather does not mind leaving, says the hockey organizer in Špindl. Will Jágr play next year?

They already had an arena under construction, but they still had to pack. A series of open-air hockey matches in Špindlerův Mlýn will not take place this year either. “It would be an economically unfavorable matter,” comments Tomáš Vosátka, co-owner of the Eniva organizing agency. You are postponing the event for the second time. Will … Read more

NYT learned about Dorsey’s plans after leaving the post of head of Twitter – RBC

Dorsey announced about his resignation on Monday, stressing that this is his own decision. Company shares on this news have grown by 11%. The new CEO is the former CTO of Parag Agrawal. Dorsey will remain on Twitter’s board of directors until the next election in 2022. Dorsey ran Twitter from its inception (with Evan … Read more

J. Martins leaving Panevėžys: “Lithuanian football is really changing” Sports

Martins, who has been training Panevėžys for a season and a half, was recently elected president of the Maritimo club in Madeira. His compatriot Luisas Andrade, who worked with J. Martins in Panevėžys for a short time, also got a new position in the Maritimo club – he will work as a vice president, Panevėžys … Read more

Very stubborn! After leaving South Africa, this couple escapes from the quarantine hotel

Jakarta – The couple after traveling to South Africa. Mthey were arrested for escaping from a quarantine hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dutch police say they have arrested a married couple who fled the mandatory quarantine ordered by the government on Sunday (11/28/2021). The couple, identified by AFP, are a 30-year-old Spanish man and a … Read more

The CEO of cosmetics Lush says he is “happy to lose 13 million dollars” by leaving social networks

Published: 27 nov 2021 05:37 GMT The businessman says he had another option, after Facebook’s internal investigation that suggests that its Instagram application negatively affects teenagers. The CEO of the cosmetics brand Lush said he was “happy to lose $ 13 million” after deleting his social media accounts, in response to the damage they cause … Read more