Exasperated, a Spa restaurateur publishes photos of two men who left without paying the bill

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 11:15 a.m. Par Victoria Walk Customers who consume and spin without paying the bill, we see more and more of them at La Taverne in Spa. As recently as this Monday, two men slipped away after having eaten a bite. The boss broadcast their photo on the networks. … Read more

León will be left speechless by an unexpected news from Polo (PREVIEW)

León (Andre Silva) will find out from Polo (Luis Jose Ocampo) that the company “Roaring Records” will suffer a terrible problem. The singer will face a bigger problem again, this due to Eus’s plan. Meanwhile, Manrique will talk to his partner to discover the De Souza’s secret. Moonlight is a Peruvian telenovela made by From … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia retracts: “It left me, I meant that I am the first Peruvian salsa artist in Premios Juventud” entertainment | SHOWS

HE DOES MEA GUILT. After his presentation at the Premios Juventud, yahaira plasencia assured that it is the only Peruvian who steps on big stages, however, it took weeks for the sauce boat to recognize its mistake and retract. READ ALSO: ‘Coyote’ Rivera cries, apologizes to his family and sings Gilberto Santa Rosa’s theme after … Read more

Jonathan Rojas ‘throws out’ Christian Domínguez VIDEO: “He took my breath away because I left his orchestra” Youtube entertainment | SHOWS

HE CONFESSED IT ALL. Jonathan Rojas ended up confessing that his friendship with Christian Domínguez It is no longer due to the decision of the same host of ‘América Hoy’. In an edition of Edson Dávila’s YouTube program, the cumbiambero gave more details of his distancing. READ ALSO: Andrés Hurtado reproached the mother of the … Read more

They called her ugly, so she grieved and left acting and received the highest honor from our Lord.. She went for Hajj and got lost there, and when they found her, it was a thunderbolt shock.!!

The artist Rajwat Mansour was born in 1914, in Aswan Governorate, and was the daughter of a rich family, but it seems that from a young age she suffered from bullying because she did not have the standards of beauty, Those superficial standards that were set by sick people, Rajwat sisters, all married, and she … Read more

Vodafone does not pay the electricity bill: customers are left without a network for days

Numerous Vodafone customers in Renchen in Baden-Württemberg recently had no network for several days. The reason for this was that the network operator had failed to pay its electricity bills at a base station such as “teltarif” for months reported. The electricity was therefore turned off, which resulted in the failure. After talks with Oberkircher … Read more

After losing to the French, the young Lithuanian basketball players were left without a world championship

In the match held in the Turkish city of Izmir, the Lithuanians got off to a good start and took a 10-4 lead after two and a half minutes of play after Paulius Murauskas made two accurate free throws. At the beginning of the second half, the Lithuanian basketball players had a 6-point lead (24:18), … Read more

Unexpected obstacle: the last one left because of the protruding genital | Sports

The 18-year-old athlete competed in the decathlon of the championships held in Cali, Colombia. He got off to a good start in the 400 meters, but soon began to fix something in his crotch. As the commentators of the competition noticed, his genital came out from the side of the athlete’s shorts, which A.Nonino tried … Read more

Slávka Budínová fell into alcoholism and left behind a huge fortune

Twenty years have just passed since the death of the unforgettable Czech actress Slávka Budínová, who lived to be 78 years old. She died a multi-millionaire, but childless and abandoned. She dealt with adversity with alcohol. What made her unhappy? Actress Slávka Budínová was born in Ostrava. Her father wanted her to be a doctor, … Read more