Cars, mansions and a ring valued at 300,000 euros, the fortune left by Diego Armando Maradona

Guadalupe Piñeiro MichelFOLLOW Updated:26/11/2020 01: 00h save He was not only a legend of world football. Throughout his 60 years just turned, Diego Armando Maradona also managed to accumulate a millionaire economic wealth that, despite some warnings from «Pelusa» himself during his family disagreements, will remain in the hands of his descendants. His personal assets … Read more

HISPANTV: Bigio: US priority in Brexit is not London, but Europe

Biden asks to respect the agreement with Northern Ireland and for the United Kingdom to move closer to Europe, as a hard Brexit is unlikely, according to an analyst. During an interview granted this Wednesday to HispanTV, international affairs analyst Isaac Bigio has addressed the influence of political change in the United States on the … Read more

Overwatch 2 could have left the first clue of its release date

Since it was announced more than a year ago, Overwatch 2 seems to have left few signs of life. Blizzard continues to maintain the veil of mystery that covers this peculiar sequel and does not offer official details about the video game that, we assume, will already be finalizing its development. After some rumors that … Read more

National Music Award for Edesio Alejandro and Huberal Herrera ›Culture› Granma

Edesio Alejandro. Photo: Taken from Facebook The composer and producer Edesio Alejandro and the prominent pianist Huberal Herrera, deserved the 2020 National Music Award that, since 1997, has been awarded by the Cuban Institute of Music. Edesio Alejandro has orchestrated the music for more than 40 theatrical works and has also been the author of … Read more

Japan sends to Cuba modern machine for mechanized rice transplantation ›Cuba› Granma

Through a Japanese project in collaboration with the people of Cuba, the rice branch in Los Palacios received a modern machine for obtaining seeds by the mechanized transplant method, which promotes varietal purity in the production of the seed. Guillermo Díaz López, specialist of the Los Palacios Base Scientific Technological Unit (UCTB), in charge of … Read more

Exchanges between Cuba and the European Union in a respectful and constructive climate ›World› Granma

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla held a telephone conversation with Arancha González Laya, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain. “We agree on the desire to promote political dialogue at all levels, as well as to continue deepening our economic, commercial, financial and cooperation relations,” said Rodríguez Parrilla … Read more

The scars left by the crisis in the universities of the United States and the United Kingdom

A 15% drop in enrollment in the world’s leading economy would mean a loss of revenue of US $ 23 billion, while British institutions would receive about 14 thousand fewer new students in 2020-2021, equivalent to 463 million euros. pounds less in fees and expenses for housing and food. By: Isabel Ramos and Montserrat Toledo … Read more

The feat of César Prieto goes beyond his sidereal record ›Tirále› Granma

César Prieto continues to be news: he has already broken the record of 37 consecutive games hitting hits, which he crowned on Saturday against Camagüey, in a match that Cienfuegos had sealed with the Toros. However, after doing so he has hit hits in the next two games and the mark is now at 42. … Read more

Who left “MasterChef Celebrity”? | Daily Show

El Turco García, Leticia Siciliani, Analía Franchín, Boy Olmi, Belu Lucius Y Faith Bal they faced this Sunday in a new elimination gala in “ MasterChef Celebrity“The famous people competed to take their place in the cooking competition and for that they had to present four dishes! “Today we want to evaluate what you can … Read more