One province left on the yellow list for vaccination in Central Anatolia

According to the ‘Covid-19’ vaccination rate according to the provinces by the Ministry of Health, Aksaray was the only province in the yellow list in the Central Anatolia region with a rate of 73.3 per 100 thousand people. President of Aksaray Chamber of Pharmacists Fatih Ozcifci with a vaccination warning “While our other cities, with … Read more

Jurassic Park and the T. Rex left us a legendary scene that this player has recreated in Dreams

Almost three decades later, Steven Spielberg’s film serves to show the benefits of Media Molecule’s game. Anyone who has lived in the 90s witnessed the phenomenon that was Jurassic Park. The movie of Steven Spielberg He was taking us on a trip to an island where billionaire John Hammond had managed to clone the extinct … Read more

Jasikevičius told me when there was only a pinch left during the match

He has seen warm and cold during his career. Jasikevičius instantly understands the events on the basketball court, but there are cases when there is no possibility to predict the course of events – and even more so to influence it. What remains to be done? Ogi zegnotis. When Sarah becomes a devotee, what Barcelona … Read more

Russian military on 19 planes left Kazakhstan

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation The military of the Russian Federation flew out of Kazakhstan on 18 Il-76 aircraft and one An-124 Ruslan aircraft The aircraft will deliver the personnel and equipment of the Airborne Forces units to the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region. 19 aircraft of the military transport aviation … Read more

Anglerfish bite the female’s belly and cling like a parasite during mating all – Anglerfish is one of the deep sea fish which has a scary appearance. How not, this fish has a rather strange shape with sharp teeth and glowing balls hanging from the ends of its antennae. Fish marriage anglerfish even somewhat unusual and extreme, because they will stick to each other like an organ … Read more

“He’s trying, he’s motivated, but there’s Vinicius on that left flank…”

Published on Saturday January 15, 2022 at 7:17 p.m. The Belgian goalkeeper urged his compatriot to hang on, while the latter was left on the bench during the Clasico against Barça in the Spanish Supercup. It was from the substitutes’ bench that Eden Hazard witnessed Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup … Read more

Good luck!LaVine has no structural damage to his left knee, will be reassessed next week

original title: lucky!LaVine has no structural damage to his left knee to be reassessed next week On January 16, Beijing time, in yesterday’s home game against the Warriors, LaVine left the court early due to a left knee injury. The reporter revealed that he will undergo an MRI examination. Today, according to Bulls officials, LaVine’s … Read more

Gdansk. She left a one-year-old in the car and went shopping

On Wednesday, January 12, during an inspection in one of the galleries in Przymorze, a worried man approached the policemen and said that in one of the cars in the underground parking lot there was an unaccompanied small child. The uniforms immediately took care of the matter and, with the help of the gallery security, … Read more

The agency that returned left again… KOSPI closes at 2,960 before tomorrow’s MPC meeting

On the afternoon of the 13th, when the KOSPI fell to 2,960, an employee passes in front of an index monitor at Hana Bank’s dealing room in Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul. [사진 = 연합뉴스] The KOSPI closed weakly, raising wait-and-see attitudes one day before the Monetary Policy Direction Meeting of the Bank of Korea Monetary Policy … Read more