Coming soon! “Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus” Final Trailer Released! – funglr Games

The latest work in the Pokémon series “Pokémon LEGENDS ArceusThere is only one day left for the release of ”! And today, the official also broadcast the latest pre-release notice and released new news. Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus’ latest video & TV commercial released! Will also participate in the TETRIS King Cup! Adventure stage “Xizui place” … Read more

So you can get three free characters for Apex Legends and other incredible rewards

If you are a fan of Respawn and its Battle Royale, you will be interested to know that next month you will be able to get three free characters for Apex Legends and here we will explain how to do it. EA and Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends in February 2019, so it’s already approaching … Read more

Can a racing game tell a good story? We tried GRID Legends and this is your bet

We tested the story mode of GRID Legends a month after its launch. The most arcade and adrenaline driving of Codemasters seeks to give users a narrative experience that serves, in turn, as an entry point to the various cars and game modes with which the title seeks to find its own space within the … Read more

EA unveils 3 “Star Wars” games, “Apex Legends” Respawn takes full control | 4Gamers

A new wave of Star Wars is coming. EA (Electronic Arts) and Lucasfilm Games have recently released three “Star Wars” series games, including the new “Star Wars Jedi” series, plus two untitled first-person shooter and strategy games. All three are developed by Respawn Entertainment, which developed games such as “Apex Legends” and “Titanfall”. EA has … Read more

Apex Legends reveal trailer ahead of Defiance season

Data provided – EA EA today (25th) released a trailer introducing the new season ‘Defiance’ of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale ‘Apex Legend’. As for the Defiance Update, this update will be released worldwide on February 8th (Pacific Time). Along with this, the new legend ‘Mad Maggie’ to be added to the Defiance season was also … Read more

40 minutes of GRID Legends story mode with racing and live action cutscenes

Developers Codemasters and Electronic Arts have released a 40-minute gameplay trailer for the racing game GRID Legends, dedicated to the Driven to Glory story mode. In the presented video, shots with races on expensive cars are interspersed with cinematic inserts with live actors. Image Source: Steam GRID Legends will tell the story of an up-and-coming … Read more

Apex Legends welcomes its newest hero, Mad Maggie, into the fray

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment today released a new trailer revealing the latest major update to the award-winning hero shooter coming to the world on February 8: Apex Legends: Disobedience “. Apex Legends welcomes its newest hero, Mad Maggie, into the fray The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer: Crazy Maggie smashes … Read more

Fortnite and League of Legends join forces to bring us Vi, from Arcane, to the popular battle royale

Jinx will return from Piltover to unleash mayhem in this collaboration with the Riot Games franchise. Arcane, the series of League of Legends from netflix was a phenomenon in this past 2021, reaching the top of the most watched series on the platform worldwide and receiving 9 nominations at the Annie Awards, considered as ‘the … Read more

40 minutes of GRID Legends gameplay with a demo of the story mode

There will be real actors. The developers at Codemasters, in conjunction with publisher Electronic Arts, feel it is their duty to conduct additional conversations about the story mode of the upcoming racing game GRID Legends. And now the authors of the project have released a 40-minute video, entirely devoted to the Driven to Glory mode … Read more