Good news for Xbox Series S players! Microsoft Unblocks Some Memory – Leisure and Fun News

In addition to PS5, XBOX is also a favorite host for many gamers; and the Xbox Series S, priced at only 9,480 yuan, is the choice of many players, especially with Xbox Game Pass, there are a lot of games to play, but this cheap new generation The host also has its shortcomings, because the … Read more

Leisure took over the streets and residents lost their rest | City

It’s already midnight on any Thursday in July. Between Travessa do Carvalho and the Sao Paulo street, there are several people who gather on the street with glasses in hand. You can hear the beats of the music that the bars project while, at the door of the establishment, customers chat excitedly. Some are standing … Read more

Outings – Leisure | Oumou Sangaré: “I wanted to be the voice of the voiceless”

With her velvety voice, she caresses the souls of the most tortured. An icon with uncompromising values, Oumou Sangaré puts her art at the service of her convictions. Since her first album, Mossoulou, released in 1991, she has never stopped singing about women and Mali, where she is from. As an honest businesswoman, she fights … Read more

Big summer horoscope: Summer can offer new possibilities for Capricorn…

Capricorn December 22 – January 20 Employment and finances: Capricorns should take a vacation, especially in the second half of July, when the planets in the work area do not favor them. On the contrary, the month of August is better, in which it is a suitable time for changing jobs or improving the situation … Read more

European fund buys biggest zoo in the North – Tourism & Leisure

At the end of the last century, the branch of the Guedes family that owns Aveleda wines decided to give new life to Quinta de Santo Inácio, in Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, a 15-hectare space with eucalyptus, pine, oak and a large orchard. . In 2000, the Santo Inácio Zoo was inaugurated, which is … Read more

In Luxembourg: The temple of cars and leisure will see the light of day

Posted12 June 2022, 08:00 WINCKRANGE – Spreading over 42,000 m2, “this is the largest construction site currently underway in Luxembourg”. Led by the Félix Giorgetti group, GRIDX must shine beyond the Greater Region. Around 200 to 300 people will work on the site, and 600 to 700 in the offices for rent. Vincent Lescaut Spread … Read more

Philips presents monitors for work and leisure

The Philips MMD brand licensee introduces two new monitors. As the manufacturer writes, the new models are designed for “work and play” and are therefore suitable for office and leisure environments. The 27-inch Philips 27E1N5600HE and the 24-inch Philips 24E1N5300HE score points with their design, performance, various features and high reliability. The Senior Product Manager … Read more

Luxury suites and leisure area for stretching: see what the longest flight in the world will be like | Tourism and Travel

Private luxury suites and even an area to stretch your legs and stretch. These are some characteristics of the plane that will make the “longest flight in the world” by the Australian airline Qantas, scheduled to operate in 2025. The company announced in early May that it had signed a contract with Airbus for the … Read more