Leonardo Padrón when testing positive for covid-19: I appreciate being vaccinated

“The vaccine does not make you invulnerable, but it reduces the most extreme risks. The point is clear, you have to continue taking care of yourself,” is part of what the writer shared The Venezuelan scriptwriter and journalist, Leonardo Padrón announced this Sunday that he tested positive for covid-19, after fleeing for a year and … Read more

Leonardo, agreement signed with trade unions: up to 500 pre-retirements in the Aerostructures division

The society Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica) and the national trade unions have signed the agreement of pre-retirement which will affect up to 500 employees. To communicate it is the company with a note. The workers of the Aerostructures division who have the requirements will go into early retirement with the application of the Fornero law (pursuant … Read more

Researchers have identified 14 living descendants of Leonardo da Vinci’s family

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Decades of research into the alleged remains of Leonardo da Vinci has revealed just how many people are currently alive who can claim to be descendants of the family of the Renaissance genius and Mona Lisa painter. It’s 14. Summary published in the magazine human evolution This month it … Read more

Researchers find 14 descendants of Leonardo da Vinci’s family

At present, fourteen descendants of the family of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian genius of Renaissance art, are alive. That is what Italian researchers write in the professional journal Human Evolution, after a ten-year study. Art historian Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato, president of the Leonardo Da Vinci Heritage Association, spent a decade correcting errors … Read more

Leonardo Spinazzola, the important thing is not the fall but the landing

We are ! The European Champions are Italians and Calciomio takes stock of Mancini’s men individually. Today, we are looking at Leonardo Spinazzola, a strong link in the group stage, before getting injured against Belgium in the quarter-finals. An injury that will deprive him of the end of the Euro, even if his absence will … Read more

Has identified fourteen descendants of Leonardo da Vinci

In the journal Human Evolution, they published the discovery of da Vinci’s surviving descendants, writes NBC News. These are located in Italy, and according to the researchers behind the article, they will be able to help historians scientifically investigate the roots of his genius. Researched for 21 generations The findings were published on July 4, … Read more

Leonardo Bonucci: “Italian law enforcement, we had the ok from the authorities”

ANGELO CARCONI ANSAItalian player Leonardo Bonucci leaves the Quirinale Palace at the end of the meeting with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella to celebrate the Italy national football team that returned from London after winning the UEFA EURO 2020 championship, Rome, Italy, 12 July 2021. ANSA/ANGELO CARCONI “To each his task and his role, it … Read more

Italy, storm on the open bus: Leonardo Bonucci thunders

The defender of the Italian national team Leonardo Bonucci is back on the controversy of open bus in an interview with Il Foglio. On Wednesday the prefect of Rome Matteo Piantedosi had pointed the finger at the central of the Juventus and the captain of the Azzurri Giorgio Chiellini for the parade on the bus … Read more

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo di Caprio saves French tourist from safe death

According to foreign tabloids, most recently di Caprio spent time in the Caribbean on the yacht in the company of friends and beloved. The rest was on its way when an unexpected contact with the yacht captain came from a nearby cruise ship. One of the passengers, a 24-year-old Frenchman, was reportedly drunk so much … Read more

A 7 cm drawing breaks auction record and becomes Leonardo Da Vinci’s most expensive

There is no doubt, there are from drawings to drawings and this one, which measures less than a post-it and has more than 500 years old, has become special, for having been made – perhaps in a moment of leisure – by the Renaissance painter and creator of the Mona Lisa: Leonardo da Vinci. Da … Read more