Toñita receives criticism for calling Carlos Rivera a ‘husband’ | VIDEO

Tonitafamous former member of The academyanswered at criticism that there was against him for having mentioned Carlos Rivera in feminine. And it is that the singer he said “husband” to Cynthia Rodríguez’s current fiancé. And it is that after being interviewed in the program First hand and that he spoke about the veto in Aztec … Read more

go viral! This Lesbian Couple Is Outraged After Knowing They Are Possibly One Father

loading… Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart, a lesbian couple in Canada, are furious to learn that they may be siblings. Photo/TikTok @carleyandmercedes OTTAWA – Couple lesbian in Canada this went viral after being upset about their future. Because, the two same-sex couples got leaked information that they might be siblings from the same father. The … Read more

6 Countries That Ban LGBT, Number 5 Implements Hangings

loading… Demonstrators protest the ban on LGBT content in schools and the media at the Presidential Palace in Budapest, Hungary, June 16, 2021. Photo/REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo TEHERAN – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) is a controversial issue in the world. There are countries that support it, but not a few who reject it. Several countries … Read more

Japanese court refuses to recognize same-sex marriage

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A district court in Japan decide the law of a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage is constitutional. A district court in Osaka, western Japan, rejected a lawsuit filed by three same-sex couples. All three sued the state to recognize same-sex marriage. “From the perspective of individual dignity, it can … Read more

A “gay”, a lesbian, language and some prejudice | Opinion

It is called “ABCLGBTQIA+” and it is a collaboration between Fox Life and the ILGA Portugal Association that proposes to spread the meaning of 37 words or expressions to “everyone”. An opportunity to learn what cisgender means, deadnaminggender expression, non-binary, intersex, identity questioning, pansexual, packing, misgendering, inclusive language, etc. There are really 37. I recommend … Read more

Rejects LGBT Saudi Arabian Government Confiscates Rainbow-Colored Children’s Toys

Arab Saudi – The Saudi Arabian government confiscates toys, clothes and other objects that are rainbow colored in an attempt to deny their existence LGBT. Government officials carry out direct inspections of a number of shops in the capital, if they are found to have colors of the rainbowdid not hesitate to confiscate these items. … Read more

Pride Edition “Chersace” – Who should afford THAT, Cher?

Is it being cashed in boldly or is it actually doing good? On the occasion of the Pride month of June, pop grandma Cher (76) and designer Donatella Versace (67) have released a joint collection in rainbow colors. Under the name “Chersace” you can buy black and colorful T-shirts, socks and baseball caps with the … Read more

“Tatort” actor raises serious allegations against ARD | Regional

Matthias Brenner (64) makes the allegations of a colleague public, which heavily burden the editors and producers of the ARD. Were actors selected for roles such as “Polizeiruf 110” on public television based on their sexuality? Did they even have to reveal their sexual orientation in castings? What exactly is supposed to have happened, which … Read more

Read to La7: “Meloni’s rally in Spain? I think all the possible evil. Talk about LGBT lobbies, but in Italy there is not even equal rights”

“The meeting of Giorgia Meloni for Vox in Spain? I think all the possible evil, from the tones to the contents. There is nothing I share, it is exactly the opposite of what I think. What does ‘no to immigration’ mean as opposed to the motto ‘yes to work for our citizens’? What speech is … Read more

This was the gay scene for which Buzz Lightyear was banned in 14 countries

The latest animated movie Disney“Lightyear“, in which two people of the same sex kisswas banned from more than a dozen Muslim countries, a source close to the company said Tuesday. In which countries was the Buzz Lightyear movie banned? Asian and Middle Eastern Nations they have refused show the movie about the character of “Toy … Read more