In Italy, Giorgia Meloni goes after the press – Liberation

Billet Article reserved for subscribers «European Focus»dossier Pursued for defamation by the Prime Minister, the Italian daily “Domani” is increasingly coming under legal attack from members of the government. An unacceptable form of bullying. From the moment Giorgia Meloni, the far-right Prime Minister, formed her government, I have watched the erosion of democracy in Italy. … Read more

the story of a failed liberation

A rally calling for the release of Jordanian pilot Maaz Al-Kassasbeh in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on February 3, 2015. It will be learned later that the latter died on January 3. KHALIL MAZRAAWI / AFP On December 24, 2014, a Jordanian pilot on a mission aboard an F-16 in northeastern Syria on behalf of … Read more

Brussels at pint time – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers In full revaluation of locavorism and craftsmanship, Belgium has more than 600 microbreweries producing a wide range recognized worldwide. A real comeback for a sector that was once despised. It is twenty minutes from the parvis of Saint-Gilles, at number 258 of the chaussée d’Alsemberg, a very long avenue in … Read more

The source of potential liberation of Jordan Poole who needs to tie the bell

Jordan Poole has been a polarizing figure this season. His world has changed dramatically since signing a four-year, $123 million extension. While his raw scoring average has improved by 2.5 points (18.5 to 21.0), his overall shooting efficiency has declined (from 54.8 eFG% last season to 51.4 eFG% this season). While his 2-point shooting hasn’t … Read more

Vaccinate against the papillomavirus, a public health blow in the water? – Liberation

Chronicle “To the small care” Article reserved for subscribers The presidential announcement of a generalization of vaccination against HPV raises a certain skepticism, as the French delay has not been analyzed and the state of school medicine does not lend itself to optimism. “Generalize vaccination against the papillomavirus in middle school”, what a good idea … Read more

Philippe Croizon, adapts a guy – Liberation

The portrait Article reserved for subscribers Without arms or legs, the adventurer, who crossed the English Channel and participated in the Dakar, refuses to pose as a victim, practices self-mockery and advocates optimism. He just asks for the cup to be slipped between his forearms. He doesn’t need anyone, but since we’re here, we might … Read more

“Thinking that smoking a joint leads to a good night’s sleep is a trap” – Liberation

Interview Article reserved for subscribers Cannabis for all?dossier According to a study carried out by Inserm and the Bordeaux University Hospital, insomnia is twice as common among students who consume cannabis every day. Jean-Pierre Couteron, clinical psychologist, analyzes these results. In France, more than half of students have sleep disorders. An increased phenomenon among cannabis … Read more

why multiple reinfections worry researchers – Liberation

Sequels Article reserved for subscribers The Covid-19 pandemic in Francedossier The unbridled circulation of Covid in the world leaves everyone facing the risk of multiple infections, the possible consequences of which on the immune, cardiovascular and neurological systems worry scientists. And you, how many times have you caught the Covid? Once, twice, three times? It … Read more

when pigeons make Senegalese youth travel – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers Contrary to Europe, the breeding and racing of racing pigeons is attracting more and more young generations in the country, who train each other and on the Internet in this demanding but expensive hobby. In the populous Grand-Yoff district of Dakar, it’s easy to find Moustapha Diakhaté. “When he is … Read more

Against class defectors, the war of “Origins” by Gérald Bronner – Liberation

Trial Article reserved for subscribers In his latest book, the sociologist accuses “transclass” authors like Edouard Louis or Chantal Jaquet of propagating a “painful” vision of social ascent… while sacrificing himself to the exercise. “Class defector”, the sociologist Gérald Bronner is certainly one, even if he does not like this term impregnated with the notion … Read more