Lidl is cutting the prices of hair cosmetics – products will cost up to 34 percent. less

From shampoo for everyday care to hair balm suitable for professionals – everyone who cares about their beauty knows that Lidl will always find the right hair cosmetics for them. Shoppers can now enjoy even lower prices on shampoos, conditioners and other items, as 10 different hair care products are discounted starting this week. Lower … Read more

Lidl and ALDI continue to sell ‘problematic’ Spanish strawberries

In recent weeks there has been a lot to do about the Spanish strawberries coming from Huelva Andalusia come. The problem is that there is a German campaign against these strawberry sales in Germany because there is a drought and the regional government of Andalusia plans to change the law to get more water from … Read more

Lidl gives more: the mandatory sale means a discount of up to 50 percent

The goal of the market-leading supermarket chain is to support Hungarian families in line with its strategic aspirations and help them with their everyday shopping by providing the best possible prices. A much larger than mandatory price reduction The discount chain has been continuously reducing prices since January. This is made possible by the fact … Read more

LIDL, the most requested product arrives on the shelves: 8.99 euros

The most requested product of the summer has arrived from Lidl and is already about to end. Here’s what it is and why it’s worth buying. People at LIDL – Lidl is a supermarket chain known not only for its convenience but also for its excellent products that tend to run out quickly. This … Read more

“And they’ve already made it cheaper.” Kaufland got angry and intervened. He finally complied

06/05/2023 13:14 | From networks NETWORK MONITORING First success? The Agrarian Chamber has long drawn attention to the differences that retail chains make between their private brands and “ordinary” goods. In one supermarket, however, they discounted this common item. Precisely in the one from which the photos published by the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech … Read more

Offertona LIDL, inevitable in the kitchen: it costs less than 20 euros

Are you looking for a way to save money in the kitchen without sacrificing quality? LIDL is the right place for you. This German supermarket offers a large selection of food products with an affordable price. Today we’re talking about the most interesting offer, indeed a real LIDL offer: for less than 20 euros you … Read more

Lidl offers you the definitive solution to insomnia: at a bargain price you will find the miraculous device | You will see what sweet dreams

Are you sleeping badly at this time? Buy this device and you will have no more problems: Lidl ensures restful sleep. An important lesson has been taught to us since we were children: sleep at least 8 hours a day. This, in addition to ensure proper growth and good lucidity in the morning, it would … Read more

Lidl started selling an incredible thing. Czechs cheer, this changes everything. Saves big bucks

Some experts are convinced that new methods of energy production will not become widespread until they are completely widely available, both in terms of cost and ease of installation. But while just a few months ago the idea that, for example, solar panels would be sold even in hobby markets, where people would buy them … Read more

LIDL job offers: open selection for graduates, graduates and professionals, send your application now

In the Work with Us section of the official LIDL portal, you can find out about all the company’s open positions. Let’s see how to apply. LIDL is the well-known international chain of supermarkets that satisfies customers for its excellent quality/price ratio. LIDL hires candidates: open positions – The company is periodically looking for … Read more