999 actors participated in the voice acting of Dying Light 2 | Games

In zombie action Dying Light 2: Stay Human it will be possible to play in 17 languages. Full voice acting will be available in ten languages, with a total of 999 voice actors. Representatives of the studio Techland announced this on Twitter. Previously reportedthat the developers of Dying Light 2: Stay Human have postponed the … Read more

Light anti-tank weapons, ‘killer drones’ and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, this is what awaits the Russians in the invasion of Ukraine | Abroad

For more than two months, Russia has kept the world in suspense with unusual troop concentrations near the Ukrainian border. According to intelligence services from the neighboring country, more than 127,000 men with combat vehicles are involved. Officially they are there for ‘exercises’ with the Belarusian army, but what awaits them if they invade Ukraine? … Read more

Above the ice and snow, the light of the five rings is painted – yqqlm

<!–enpproperty 354659462022-01-23 02:36:47.0冰雪之上,绘五环之光冰雪24108光明日报光明日报/enpproperty–>  【Artistic view】 Guangming Daily reporter Tian Ni Guangming Daily correspondent Zhu Hong In the palm-sized picture of 9.6cm×11.1cm, in the freezing winter, some people on the ice are dancing lightly with their backs bowed, and some people adjust their body weight slightly cautiously. The soldiers of the Eighth Route Army and the … Read more

Physics can’t explain it! These particles travel through the universe at the speed of light

NewsBulukumba – Physics modern has known existence neutrino However physicist unable to understand it. Neutrinos wade through universe and glide with speed of light even penetrate the human body. This is one particle the most difficult to understand in universe, number two after Theory ultra darkmysterious. Also Read: New study: There are 40 trillion stellar-mass … Read more

France, the Constitutional Council gives the green light to the Super pass – North America

The Constitutional Council has validated the essential content of the bill establishing the vaccination pass, the French equivalent of the Super green pass. The supreme body had been called into question by the deputies of the left of La France Insoumise and by about sixty left-wing senators. As announced yesterday evening by Prime Minister Jean … Read more

Mentana returns to lead the news: “I had Covid, thanks to science with three doses it was light”

https://video.repubblica.it/dossier/coronavirus-wuhan-2020/mentana-torna-a-condurre-il-tg-ho-avuto-il-covid-grazie-alla-scienza-con-tre-dosi-e-stato-leggero/406264/406974Copy Copy He returns to the television news La7 after ten days and talks about it after the isolation is over “because an illness is always a private matter, but above all out of respect for all those for whom it was a more painful experience”. Enrico Mentana had anticipated it a few hours earlier … Read more

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be updated for free on the PS5 and Xbox series, offering new dynamics features.

Techland has also taken the opportunity to expand the information in collaboration mode. If you look at the list of the most anticipated games in 2022, you can find it there Dying Light 2 Stay Human Occupies a comfortable position. From Decland, Has achieved Raise expectations Each new public information during the final development ensures … Read more

Gloomy facts about former Pope Benedict XVI when he was archbishop come to light

Pope Benedict, then known as Joseph Racinger, served as archbishop in Munich from 1977 to 1982. He denied all charges against the church staff at the time. A report by the German law firm on the abuse of German Catholic churches states that violence against four children continued during Racinger’s tenure and that the accused … Read more

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE review: thin and light smartphone with AMOLED screen and Wi-Fi 6 support

Xiaomi has released a new smartphone called 11 Lite 5G NE. The last two letters in the title stand for New Edition, as the Chinese giant already has the 11 Lite and 11 Lite 5G models. How much the device differs from its predecessors, what are its advantages and disadvantages, read in our review. Packaging … Read more

Attractive Suunto 5 Peak smartwatch: light and resistant

January 20, 2022 Finnish smartwatch manufacturer Suunto introduces Suunto 5 Peak GPS, the sports smartwatch, designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, compact, rugged and durable watch to guide them towards wellness and sports performance. Attractive light and robust Suunto 5 Peak smartwatch The new model is the evolution of the previous Suunto 5 … Read more