Check who are the recipients of BPUM BRI and BNI Phase 3 in December 2021, MSME Assistance is Still Liquid to These Business Actor

DIY NEWS – Check anyone recipient Banpres BPUM BRI and BNI stage 3 in December 2021, help UMKM still liquid to businessmen this type. As for Banpres BPUM BRI and BNI stage 3, there are 3 million UMKM who will get BLT. The distribution has been carried out since July 2021. To check recipient help … Read more

Happy News, Official, UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta Announces KJP Plus Phase 2 Liquid On November 29, 2021

ATTACK NEWS – Good news, official UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta announce KJP More stage 2 will be disbursed on November 29, 2021. That certainty, after UPT P4OP DKI Jakarta upload on official Instagram about disbursement KJP More stage 2. “Announcement to you recipients KJP More and KJMU Phase 2 in 2021,” he wrote as quoted … Read more

Liquid Salary Subsidy BLT Again This Week

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) will disburse direct cash assistance (BLT) subsidies wages again this week. That they did after they distributed BLT salary subsidy to 461 thousand workers on Friday (19/11) last. “We distributed the expansion BSU last Friday to 461,000 workers. This week there will be another distribution,” said the … Read more

Is it solid, liquid or gas? The physical state of tissues and tumors can be quickly identified using optical “fingerprints”. »Brinkwire

The difference between meteors and meteorites can be seen from various sides. Indeed, these terms are very similar in terms of language. But the two have very clear differences, especially from their characteristics. Most people call shooting stars for the phenomenon of meteors floating in space. Though the object is a stone that has various … Read more

Sorry, this ID card holder will not get a Rp 1.2 million MSME BLT which is liquid until December 2021

DIY NEWS – Sorry there are multiple owners KTP who will not get BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million. Although, cash disbursement BPUM can still be done in BRI until December 2021. The government has set 12.8 million recipients BLT UMKM. They are all Indonesian citizens who have micro-enterprises. Recipient BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 million must … Read more

In October in the port of Riga growth in the segments of liquid cargo and general cargo / Day

In ten months, the port of Riga handled 17.26 million tons of cargo, almost a third of which is various forestry cargo shipped from Riga to 22 countries around the world, most often Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands. The direct sea transportation route to the Americas, launched at the beginning of the year, which … Read more

This is how the new liquid cooling that Xiaomi phones will have from 2022 works

Xiaomi’s new liquid cooling system is official. It’s called Loop LiquidCool and it will hit the first mobiles in 2022. The Xiaomi phones from 2022 will have a new liquid cooling system that the company today announced, called Loop LiquidCool. It is a technology developed by the brand, inspired by the cooling solutions used in … Read more

PANJALU, Bentonite Utilization Innovation Reduces Liquid Waste Carbon Emissions

Jakarta – PANJALU (Installation of Clay Absorptive Pipes): Innovative Utilization of Activated Clay Powder (Bentonite) As Absorbant Odor, Color, Acidity Level (Ph), Carbon Content (C), Mercury (Hg) And The Number Of Bacteria In Paper Industry Liquid Waste Realizes Emission Reduction Urban Area Carbon Advances in technology can change everything in this world. In fact, nowadays … Read more

Cool! There are a myriad of more liquid social aids at the end of the year

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government decided to add social assistance to the community until the end of the year. Especially to reduce extreme poverty in some areas. As is known, the government decided to increase the budget for the Covid-19 handling program and the national economic recovery (PC PEN) from only Rp. 699.43 trillion … Read more