Litecoin, FTX Token, Composite Price Analysis – Oct 17

Having witnessed positive price fluctuations on the daily charts of major digital assets Bitcoin and Ethereum, the rest of the cryptocurrency market seemed headed for a bullish revival. With some optimism on its hourly chart, it could be seen that Litecoin soon targeted its overall resistance. While the possibility of a stalled bearish drag finally … Read more

Bitfinex lanza EOS, Litecoin y Polkadot Perpetual Swaps

Bitfinex Derivatives today announced the launch of perpetual contracts for EOS, Litecoin, and Polkadot. According to a press release received by AMBCrypto, the trade went live Bitfinex on October 12 at 9:00 AM UTC. Under this offering, each contract will promise users up to 100x leverage and will be settled on Throws (USDt). The development … Read more

Litecoin relaunches MimbleWimble testnet as Europol targets privacy protocols

Litecoin (LTC) has relaunched its testnet MimbleWimble, a protocol designed to improve privacy and obfuscate the traceability of distributed ledger transactions. MimbleWimble is a modified implementation of the proof-of-work algorithm on which Bitcoin is based (BTC), in which the blocks appear as a single large transaction, which prevents the identification of individual inputs and outputs … Read more

Litecoin gets closer to privacy with Mimblewimble Testnet – BeInCrypto

While all eyes may be on the ETh2 testnet, Litecoin has launched one of its own. Charlie Lee, in his quest to add fungibility and greater privacy to Litecoin, has brought the project closer to implementing Mimblewimble through extension blocks. The Mimblewimble protocol for confidential transactions glare the address and amount of the transaction, providing … Read more

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Funds Exhibit High Premium Prices

Key facts: The premium in the new Litecoin fund is currently 753%. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the premium over the market price is 351%. Grayscale announced this Tuesday, August 18, the start of trading the shares of two cryptocurrency funds, based on Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, respectively. With these two new proposals, Grayscale … Read more