Annual Meeting of Books and Teachers | Focus on the …

The traditional exchange between writers, teachers, librarians and reading mediators will be virtual for the first time. The Annual Meeting of Books and Teachers will premiere its fourteenth edition online this Thursday 25 from 10 to 18, with interviews with the writers Mother Wolf Y Graciela Montes as part of a program that also includes … Read more

Lawrence Ferlinghetti dies, the poet of the Beat generation passes away at the age of 101 –

Little Boy Gone: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the bad boy of the Beat Generation – poet, painter, counterculture entrepreneur who discovered Jack Kerouac and published The Scream by Allen Ginsberg defying censorship in a battle that changes America by expanding the boundaries of its freedom of expression – spanned an entire century savoring the sweet taste of … Read more

National artists dart opening 2020, visual arts, literature, performing arts

Opening of the 2020 National Artist of the Year, Visual Arts, Literature, Performing Arts, a total of 12 persons “Suda Chuen-e-Rungruedee Pengcharoen” won the International Thai Music Awards. Mr. Itthiphol Khunpluem, Minister of Culture And Vice President of the National Culture Commission Announcement of selection results 12 National Artists of the Year honored are: 1. … Read more

The German Police forced to pay to dance “Jerusalema”

“They don’t even let us dance anymore”some will say. And it is that in this pandemic world in which, at first, it seemed that it was possible to believe in the human being again, the skin is still the skin. Tell the German police in the Rhineland, who have been forced to pay the copyright … Read more

Found ‘Holy grail of Flemish literature’

The manuscript of Occupied City (1921) by Paul van Ostaijen unexpectedly surfaced and was bought by the Flemish government. Occupied city is a hundred years old. The poetry book of Paul van Ostaijen (1896-1928) is considered a milestone. It apparently has as its subject the occupation of Antwerp by the Germans in 1914. Van Ostaijen … Read more

“Fungi and natural medicine”, Cristina Bajo’s column

Since I was a girl, mushrooms had an appeal for me full of wonder and fear, possibly as a result of the color illustrations in storybooks: I especially remember that mushroom with a red hat with white dots that was not missing in any forest, since from Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel. … Read more

Jeremy Brett, the actor who died because of Sherlock Holmes

When we think of the great detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle, we can imagine him with the face of one of the actors who has embodied him, whether on the small or on the big screen. We can think that he has the features of Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Basil Rathbone or Christopher … Read more

Irene Vallejo and the infinite spiral of books

There are books that manage to catch the reader’s attention from the first lines, it is one of the many qualities of Infinity in a reed (Siruela, 2020) by Irene Vallejo. In addition, this essay allows the reader to discover in its pages a universe of sensations that unfold in the manifestation of all the … Read more