Cristian Alarcón won the Alfaguara Novel Prize with “The Third Paradise”, his first fiction | “I was reunited with my ancestors and with nature”

At six in the morning, a noise alters the breathing of that house in the San Cristóbal neighborhood. The phone rings and even Max, “the non-binary dog”, wakes up. From Spain, they announce to the chronicler and writer Cristian Alarcón who unanimously won the 175 thousand dollars of the XXV edition of the Alfaguara Novel … Read more

I lost the compass of literature.. Rola Yamout raises controversy with a stark and daring look in swimsuits.. and the public is losing their minds!

2022/01/16 It’s 11:00 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Rola Yamout sparked controversy among her followers, after she appeared in sexy clothes similar to the designs of the pharaohs, containing many chains, while carrying a kerbage in her hand. Rola commented on the photo, saying: “You cannot get rid of me with ..”, and she … Read more

Turkish doctor entered the literature with his discovery: Prostate biopsy is no longer a nightmare

Prostate, one of the most common types of cancer in men, ranks first in cancer-related deaths. Although many prostate patients show the symptoms of the disease, they are not willing to go to the doctor because they are afraid and afraid of the biopsy procedure to be taken with the classical method. Medicana International Samsun … Read more

Index – Culture – We haven’t seen a poorer movie on Netflix lately

It didn’t take much, just two days, for Netflix’s new thriller, the Faceless (Brazen) take the lead in the daily top 10 list of the online video store in Hungary. This happened not only in Hungary, but also in many other countries, such as the United States, which is why the protagonist, Alyssa Milano, also … Read more

Book lovers are amazed: among the publications published by Pavilnis Library – Ivanauskaitė, Kmita, Miłosz, Šliogeris | Culture

If you have more photos, share them with the 15min culture by sending them to [email protected] Among the publications are world classics such as Victor Hugo’s “Paris Cathedral” or Giovanni Boccaccio’s “Decameron”, philosopher Arvydas Šlioger’s work “Being and the World: Fragments of Silent Life”, and a biography of Czesław Miłosz published by Apostrofa. Popular works … Read more

The educational platform “Let’s grow in a museum!” Has been created for the Museum of Literature and Music. / Script

As the museum explained to the media, the new platform is designed as a virtual house with a hall, kitchen, living room, study and basement. When choosing a specific room, the visitor of the page is offered content appropriate to the room, as well as an illustration created by the artist Reinis Peterson, in which … Read more

Know! 5 Foods That Can Damage Your Skin – Most people adjust their diet to maintain weight. Some more to take care of health the skin. Especially for people who have allergies and sensitive skin, choosing the right food goes inside skin care they. In fact, whatever you eat can affect the condition of your skin. So, if you want to have … Read more

“Love Casting” – romantic vibes in Latgalian mood – Books – Culture +

Returning home turns out to be more difficult than Ivo thought, and everyday and personal problems arise at every step. Free and creative Kamene, on the other hand, tries to deal with her friends and men in a unique way in general – and Ivo is also drawn into this whirlpool against his will. With … Read more

“Annihilate”, the new Houellebecq is out in bookstores

“To annihilate”, the eighth novel by Michel Houellebecq, arrived on the shelves on Friday and seems set to get off to a flying start after having already aroused a myriad of comments and criticisms, often laudatory, sometimes acerbic. This long fiction (736 pages) anticipates the years 2026 and 2027 when “France [est] in decline “but … Read more

French “language of Molière”, as classic as it is agile

That French is nicknamed “language of Molière” is a recognition of the talent of a classical author among the classics, and agile in handling all registers. “It is since the 19th century that we say the language of Molière. We invented an uninterrupted tradition of the French spirit, from the Gauls, through Rabelais, to him. … Read more