Brains of teenagers after lockdown show signs of aging faster

Study reveals that teenagers who went through confinement during the covid-19 pandemic show signs of premature aging. According to one news from The GuardianAmerican scientists who performed MRI scans on 81 adolescents in the United States before the pandemic, between November 2016 and November 2019, compared these data with those of 82 adolescents during the … Read more

COMMENT: You’re in trouble – Alex Švamberk

The death of ten people in isolation in Urumqi was the trigger for the demonstrations that turned against the government. They burned in the tower block. Although they were not under the strictest quarantine preventing them from leaving the house, the exits were closed. The area has been in quarantine for three months. However, lockdowns … Read more

HEADLINE: RI’s COVID-19 Highest in Southeast Asia, China Soars to Lockdown, Second Booster Is the Solution?

Besides Indonesia, an Asian country that is experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases is China. The first country to find the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has again experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases. Data compiled by the National Health Commission in China as of November 29, new cases reported that day reached 37,828. The … Read more

People in China just want to go out without a lockdown, they don’t believe that the regime can be overthrown

China is rocked by major protests across multiple regions as people despair of the isolation caused by Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy. They are closed at home and everyone has to get tested, sometimes even twice a day, said award-winning journalist and former head of the BBC’s Chinese editorial office in Hong Kong, Vivian Wu, in … Read more

Meanwhile in the world – International

ChineseThe protests that erupted between November 26 and 27 against the restrictions to combat the covid-19 pandemic seem to have ended. In various cities there is a strong police presence and numerous arrests. Meanwhile, the authorities of some regions have begun to change the harsh restrictions that fueled the riots. The anger erupted after a … Read more

Record of Covid infections in China: lockdown nightmare for a third of the population

China is grappling with the worst wave of Covid-19 since the beginning of the Wuhan crisis in January 2020, and with increasingly recurring protests from a population exhausted by almost three years of ‘zero tolerance’ policy. While cities had to violate the anti-pandemic rules just relaxed by the government due to the leap in infections … Read more

China Expands Lockdown, Unable to Resist Surge in Infections Even After Policy Adjustments – Bloomberg

China’s coronavirus restrictions have spread rapidly, affecting nearly 20% of the country’s economy. The central government has called for a more targeted “zero-corona” policy to curb the spread of infections and curb chaos, but moves to the contrary continue. There were 27,307 new infections on the mainland on the 21st. The number is approaching the … Read more

Angry Guangzhou Residents Reject Lockdown and China’s Zero Covid Policy Page all

Author: Stephen McDonell/BBC News, reporting from Beijing GUANGZHOU, – A group of residents in the industrial city, Guangzhou, southern China, are trying to escape the mandatory regional quarantine alias lockdown. They clashed with the police because anger had peaked following the restriction policy to prevent transmission of the corona virus. Dramatic footage shows several … Read more

UFC Vegas 64 Results – Georges St-Pierre’s Record Passed, Khabib’s Science Friend Joins Lockdown Party

TWITTER @MMAJUNKIE Neil Magny beat Daniel Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 64, Sunday (6/11/2022) WIB, to surpass Georges St-Pierre’s record for most wins. JUARA.NET – Record Georges St-Pierre broken and a string of lockdown wins appeared in the result series UFC Vegas 64, Sunday (6/11/2022) WIB. One of the lockdown wins occurred in a co-main event … Read more

Mallory Gabsi in court for a fight during a lockdown party: “It was a mistake, and he left”

The Brussels Criminal Court did not render a judgment on Wednesday in the trial of Mallory Gabsi, semi-finalist of the show Top Bosswarned for a fight during a lockdown party in September 2020. The court reopened the proceedings in order to be able to hear two new witnesses. The 25″-year-old is known in French-speaking Belgium … Read more