Cats in German town of Walldorf are allowed to go out again after months of lockdown

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 20:19 In the German town of Walldorf, cats will be allowed to go out on their own for the first time in months tomorrow. In the spring, the authorities of the city in the state of Baden-Württemberg decided that the animals were no longer allowed to roam outside freely. The ‘cat lockdown’ … Read more

Violating Lockdown, North Toraja Regency Government Returns 19 Buffaloes from Outside the Region – Kareba Toraja

KAREBA-TORAJA.COM, RANTEPAO — The Oral and Nail Disease Task Force (PMK) of North Toraja Regency returned 19 buffaloes imported by traders from outside the region, Wednesday, August 10, 2022. The repatriation was carried out after the PMK Task Force found 19 buffaloes transported using two giant trucks to be unloaded at Bolu Animal Market, Tallunglipu … Read more

Tens of thousands of tourists stuck on Chinese island due to sudden corona lockdown NOW

More than 80,000 tourists have been trapped in the town of Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan since Saturday. Local authorities have put in place a lockdown due to a resurgence of the coronavirus. On Friday, 263 positive tests were reported in the city, after which authorities imposed a lockdown on Saturday. Essential businesses … Read more

The Dark Portrait of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Cambodia: Tempted by Big Salaries Leads to Electrocution and Lockdown All

JAKARTA, – Dozens of Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who were held captive by illegal investment companies in Cambodia have been rescued by the government. However, there are still many other migrant workers who have not been repatriated to Indonesia. Those who survived this captivity exposed the dark events they experienced while working in Cambodia. … Read more

Post-Covid outbreaks: China’s industrial recovery falters

After Covid outbreaks China’s industrial recovery falters 8/1/2022 7:34 am The massive lockdowns in China are apparently having an effect: the latest economic data point to a slowdown in industrial production. Other data even predicts a decline. Beijing’s growth forecast is no longer tenable. The recovery of the Chinese economy after the recent outbreaks of … Read more

Wuhan, one million people in lockdown after the discovery of four asymptomatic cases

The discovery of 4 asymptomatic cases led the Chinese authorities to order the lockdown for almost a million people in a suburb of Wuhan, the central city in China where the coronavirus was first recorded. To residents of the district of Jiangxia they were ordered to stay inside their homes for three days after infections … Read more

An Indian built a plane with his own hands during the lockdown. Then he flew to the Czech Republic with his family

“Airplanes have fascinated me since childhood. After I moved to Britain I was convinced I had to buy one. I got my pilot’s license and started looking for one,” Thamarakshan, who works as an automotive engineer, told The New Indian Express. “That’s when I realized that it would cost me around fifty to sixty million … Read more

Tesla sells 75% of Bitcoin as China’s coronavirus lockdown affects production, lacks liquidity Receive breaking news

Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc has decided to take a loss, sells 75% of its Bitcoin holdings amid rumors the company has a liquidity problem. After China issued strict measures to control the new round of Covid-19 outbreak in China, causing the car assembly plant to be temporarily closed. from the revelation of coin telegraph According … Read more

Apple to offer $2 million reward to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16’s Lockdown mode Designed to protect high-risk people from cyberattacks

Apple will offer a $2 million reward, the highest reward amount in the industry, to hackers who successfully bypass iOS 16 Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode is a defense mode for those at high risk of cyberattacks ( world leaders, celebrities, lobbies, journalists, activists, etc.) that allows them to stay in communication while limiting the risk … Read more