Coronavirus, in the US about the FDA about plasma therapy: “The data on the benefits have been misrepresented”. In Peru, lockdown extended until October

Coronavirus infections are 24.6 million in the world, while the victims have risen to 835 thousand, according to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University. The United States leads the ranking, with almost 6 million cases, followed by Brazil with 3.8 million and India with 3.3 million. Usa EPA/Stefani Reynolds | FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn … Read more

Coronavirus, new record in France: over 7,000 infections, Macron does not rule out the return to the lockdown. Hungary closes its borders – La Stampa

Covid-19 slows down in Great Britain, but continues to grow in Spain and Germany and worries especially in France, where the authorities report an “exponential progression” of the virus in metropolitan areas and the president, Emmanuel Macron, does not rule out a new lockdown . In the meantime, Hungary has announced a new closure of … Read more

Macron: “I do not rule out a new lockdown but we will do everything to avoid it”

PARIS – “From time to time France says what others prefer to keep quiet. And we clearly say that Turkey’s strategy is not that of a NATO ally.” Emmanuel Macron send a new message to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The occasion is the meeting with the journalists of the Association presse présidentielle, the association of the … Read more

Macron, I’m not ruling out a new lockdown – Last Hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, AUG 28 – “I would not have learned enough from what we have been experiencing for a few months if I told you that I totally exclude a new lockdown”: said the French president, Emmanuel Macron, answering a question about possibility of a new total closure of the country in the face … Read more

More leg amputations due to lockdown in healthcare

Vascular surgeon Lijckle van der Laan started to notice in April: he and his colleagues at the Amphia Hospital in Breda had to perform more and more large amputations. Remove a leg instead of a toe. It concerned older people with, for example, arteriosclerosis. They had wounds on the foot, gangrene or a painful, sometimes … Read more

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition multiplayer requires Nintendo Switch Online and will have regional lockdown – Nintenderos

The new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition will revamp the original adventure by offering a feature that will likely appeal to many fans: the ability to team up with other players for online matches. However, Square Enix now has confirmed that this new system will have some limitations. First, you will need a subscription … Read more

Coronavirus, Ricciardi: “Outbreak at school? It is evaluated case by case” | “Cases are increasing, but there will be no lockdown”

“Situation different from that of March” – Now there is “a completely different situation than in March”, underlines Ricciardi. “First of all, we intercept the cases much earlier, with a testing and tracing system that leads to the identification of subjects who in most cases are asymptomatic”. “The danger of the virus does not change” … Read more

WHO: Europe No Needs Lockdown Again to Handle Corona Virus

COPENHAGEN, – World Health Organization ( WHO) said, Europe no need for lockdown anymore to handle corona virus. The reason is because the government is now better prepared and has got an understanding of how to fight it in recent months. “With additional and national ground rules aimed at, we are in a much … Read more

New lockdown hobby in Cairo: flying a kite with hundreds at the same time

Impressive sight In Cairo, Egypt, young and old have developed a new hobby during quarantine: flying kites on the roofs with hundreds at a time. It provides entertainment and brings the families together. The government wants to restrict it for security reasons, but the Egyptians do not just give up their new hobby. 3 hours … Read more