Starry Sky no longer holds any secrets for Okra Beek

On March 13, about 22 members of Okra Beek visited the educational Center for Physics and Astronomy (ECNS) Georges Lemaître Observatory in Bocholt. Limburg only has two public observatories: after Genk, there is also one in Bocholt. “Bart and Chris, with their expert explanations and a lot of passion, ensured that we made a journey … Read more

when a cure no longer works

It sounds so normal: a cure for that inflammation. But more and more bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. What now? Margaret PrickMarch 22, 202309:00 We have about 38,000 billion bacteria in our body. Does not matter. They are useful and help us stay healthy. But some bacteria cause infection or inflammation. Fortunately, we can get … Read more

”We are no longer talking about eleven players at Feyenoord”

After the Feyenoord Classic, it was mainly about Lutsharel Geertruida, Santiago Gimenez and Orkun Kökcü. Analyst Rory de Groot especially compliments Marcos López. The left back came in as a substitute and played an excellent match for the team from Rotterdam. ”López came in really great at Feyenoord”, De Groot starts on the leader’s club … Read more

The COVID Digital Certificate will no longer be required

Bogota, February 28, 2023. Following the 14th IHR Emergency Committee for COVID-19, held on January 27, 2023, the WHO Director-General confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to constitute a major Public Health emergency international. The deputy director of Communicable Diseases, William Alberto Robles Fonnegra, informed through a statement that among the new regulations made by … Read more

Madeleine Diouf Sarr, president of the group of least advanced countries (LDCs) on the IPCC report: “The world can no longer ignore the human cost of inaction”

“The world can no longer ignore the human cost of inaction. The solutions to reverse the trend are known to all: Renewable energies, carbon storage technologies, energy efficiency. They are beginning to be implemented in many regions of the world. We must accelerate this transition towards a low-carbon strategy, with a leading role played by … Read more

That is why Norway’s coastline is longer than Russia’s – NRK Nordland

In 2011, the Mapping Authority was able to announce that Norway’s coastline had grown from approximately 85,000 kilometers to approximately 101,000 kilometers. Now it has become 104,600 kilometers long, and it is not certain that it will stop there. – The coast is well mapped. But even more detailed methods can produce changes, says Martin … Read more

People. Architect Norman Foster no longer resides at Vincy Castle.

The Chesa Futura in St. Moritz was designed by architect Norman Foster. British architect Norman Foster at an exhibition of his architectural designs in Madrid, 2017. British architect Norman Foster gives a speech in Lausanne ahead of the design of the Apple campus. Architect Norman Foster no longer resides at Castle Vincy – Gallery The … Read more

Microsoft Patchday March 2023: SSDs slower, boot times longer

March 20, 2023 – With the updates from March patch day, some Windows 11 users have reduced the speed of NMVe SSDs by more than half. The boot process is also said to have been longer in some cases. The latest update for Windows 11 22H2 (Moment 2), released on Microsoft’s March patchday, has unpleasant … Read more

20 smartphones seized, the other prisoners will no longer be able to film Marc Dutroux!

The video images of Marc Dutroux skidding on the ice in the courtyard or Marc Dutroux being booed by other prisoners are probably among the videos that should no longer be shot in Nivelles prison. A large operation to seize detainees’ mobile phones was indeed carried out last week within the penitentiary establishment in order … Read more