Keep your cars longer, says the head of sustainability at BMW

It would seem that the car company will want to sell more and more new cars, and the statements of the management will correspond to this. Monika Dernaiová, head of sustainability at the German car manufacturer BMW, says otherwise – according to her, buying new cars all the time is not desirable. “We need to … Read more

ABS on e-bikes: If you brake, you no longer lose control – mobility

After a hearty snack in the hut, you can head back down into the valley via the forest path. For many hobby cyclists, this is the moment when a relaxing mountain bike ride turns into a dangerous extreme sport. The heavy e-bike and the sloping gravel path are the combination that increasingly leads to serious … Read more

Perfect for those who want to live longer: It keeps the veins alive and prevents heart attack!

The main reason for this is that regular consumption of whole grain cereals contributes to a significant reduction of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Fiber lowers cholesterol by binding to it in the digestive tract and removing it from the body through excretion. REDUCES CHOLESTEROL AND PROTECTS THE HEART The health organization Better Health made a … Read more

Can’t wait any longer! Barcelona team congratulates Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Barcelona congratulate Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor on the arrival of Raha

NoAlia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor had a baby in the first week of summer. The stars themselves shared their new joy in life with their fans. Now the Barcelona team has come forward to congratulate Alia and Ranbir. The congratulation was conveyed through the official Twitter account. “Congratulations to Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. A … Read more

“You are no longer my family”

Andrés García / Mexico Agency Andrés García reappeared prostrate and connected to an oxygen tank to respond to his son Leonardo’s accusations against Margarita Portillo, assuring that his father’s wife does not allow him to see him and refuses to give him news about his state of health. The 81-year-old artist used the team from … Read more

Moroccan actor Mohammed Atifi is no longer

Advertising Mohammed Atifi passed away last night after a long illness. The Moroccan director and composer is the author of several successful productions and series, including Serb Al Hammam. The actor Rachid El Ouali, very affected by this disappearance expressed his sadness informing that the star of the Moroccan screen died last night barely a … Read more

Merkel admitted that she no longer had any leverage over Putin

The last time Merkel met with Putin was in August 2021. The head of the Kremlin then also came to the meeting with his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, for the first time, although they had previously dealt privately, the former chancellor noted in the interview. During the same summer, Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron … Read more

Attorney Erna is no longer at Putri Candrawathi’s trial, this is the explanation from the Attorney General’s Office

Friday, November 25 2022 – 17:51 WIB VIVA National – A video circulating on social media TikTok saying that prosecutor Erna Normawati was withdrawn attorney General’s Office (Attorney General’s Office) of the Republic of Indonesia from the case trial Freddy Sambo and Princess Candrawathi. It is known that Ferdy Sambo, Putri Candrawathi, Bharada E, Bripka … Read more