Tomorrow belongs to us spoiler: Maud and Camille no longer want to see Rebecca (VIDEO)

Tomorrow is ours spoiler, summarized in advance – While it is because of Rebecca that Xavier is between life and death in the hospital in your TF1 series “Tomorrow belongs to us”, in a few days his little girls no longer want to see her. Advertising Indeed, the police released Rebecca but Maud and Camille … Read more

The Bpost sorting center in Brussels sorts letters for Saint-Nicolas: “Children no longer ask for the same thing as before”

December 6 is fast approaching and to be sure to deliver the right gifts, you must sort all the letters received. Visit of the Brussels sorting center of Bpost. Colorful letters with hearts, rainbows, ribbons … this morning alone, La Poste received 15,000. Saint Nicholas needs help managing the large quantity of envelopes sent by … Read more

Shazam now listens longer to increase the chances of finding the song

Already very efficient at finding song names, Shazam is getting even better in its latest update. On iOS and iPadOS, the application now listens to the songs presented to it longer, thus increasing the chances of detecting its author. All you need to do is install version 15.0 of the service. Credit: Pexels It didn’t … Read more

Cayenne will no longer be the biggest. Porsche is preparing an even larger SUV

Porsche has significantly expanded its range in recent years. And the expansion is still planned, again another SUV is looming. Arrival the first generation of the Cayenne caused a huge uproar in 2002 among orthodox Porsche fans. How can a summer sports car manufacturer offer large SUVs? But in Zuffenhausen they knew what they were … Read more

BioWare: Matthew Goldman is no longer the Creative Director of Dragon Age 4 – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

Technology > BioWare: Matthew Goldman is no longer the Creative Director of Dragon Age 4 Through, published on November 24, 2021 at 3:42 PM. Yet another major departure for BioWare. Electronic Arts will have to resolve to do something BioWare Edmonton (sale or closure) because the internal situation becomes more and more burdensome since … Read more

Why being less lazy than chimpanzees makes us live longer

A Harvard University study has provided a detailed evolutionary explanation for why chimpanzees only have a life expectancy of 40 years, while in humans it is easily 30 years longer. Staying active all your life is the secret… “It’s a widespread idea in the western world that it’s normal to slow down a bit as … Read more

Belarusians and Ukrainians are no longer enough: the search for drivers led the Lithuanian company to India

Pranas Pernaravičius, the head of cargoGO Logistics’ Driver Management Department, who returned from India and selected truck drivers there, says that acquaintance with local drivers is promising, and mandatory procedures have already been started for them to be employed in Lithuania. “All selected drivers have at least 5 years of international work experience, excellent driving … Read more

born in september, Kimbo the little lion cub is dead, “this little heart is no longer with us”

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021 at 4:23 p.m. Pairi Daiza Park communicated some very sad news on Facebook. Kimbo, the lion cub born in September, died “carried away by a neonatal virus”. Pairi Daiza is in mourning. The park has indeed communicated a sad news Friday on Facebook. “Dear friends, everyday life can make … Read more

Dyvik Husby’s manager: – Hans-Erik’s body could no longer stand it

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby died on Friday, aged 49. – His body had simply said stop, says the artist’s manager Boye Nythun to Se og Hør. – It is tragic, and now we ask for peace. We will not say anything more about the case, but go out with this, so that we avoid more speculation … Read more