Signs of the hour appear in Egypt.. A nurse volunteers to wash the corpse of an elderly woman whose children refused to wash it, so she witnessed something that happened in the corpse that made her lose her mind for a few minutes and she collapsed in tears.. You won’t believe what she saw.!!

An Egyptian nurse admitted that she volunteered to wash the body of a woman who died and her children refused to wash her or even bury her, but what she saw while washing the body made her feel merciful for the deceased. The nurse, Samah Jaafar, said during her interview with the media, Dr. Amr … Read more

Kyrgios ended a three-year title-less fast in Washington. He didn’t lose a single serve along the way

Nick Kyrgios dazzles great form. In his last 19 matches, he is 12-1 in singles and 6-0 in doubles. After ending a three-year wait for a final at Wimbledon and breaking his Grand Slam high twice before missing the singles in Atlanta due to knee pain, he ended a three-year wait for a triumph in … Read more

How to drink water to lose weight guaranteed!

We are constantly reminded that it is important to drink enough water, especially to stay hydrated, but also to maintain our general health. In addition, drinking water helps improve your metabolism, provide energy, improve the appearance of your skin, reduce bloating, and even help you lose weight. Not everyone can drink water, especially because they … Read more

An important drug for diabetics is disappearing because of those who want to lose weight – Health – Bulgaria – NOVA news

Doctors and patients with many signals to NOVA – an important drug for the treatment of diabetes disappears from the pharmacy network. Why – because of increased interest from people who want to lose weight. The authorities claim that there are quantities. However, pharmacies and patients say that there has been a serious shortage of … Read more

Egypt’s junior women lose to Hungary in the quarter-finals of the Handball World Cup

Wrote: Mohammed Allam Sunday 7 August 2022 08:28 PM Egypt’s junior national team’s career in the World Handball Championship was halted after losing to Hungary in the quarter-finals of the tournament, which is currently being held in North Macedonia. Egypt’s junior women lost to Hungary, 23-28, in the World Handball Championship quarter-final matches. The Egyptian … Read more

What are low-calorie foods? What are the ways to lose weight without dieting?

AVOCADO Avocados contain high amounts of vitamin A. In this way, it energizes the body and makes you feel fit throughout the day. Eating half an avocado for every breakfast helps you stay energized. Avocado balances blood sugar and prevents sweet cravings. Another benefit of avocados for those trying to lose weight is that it … Read more

Frightening accident on the highway, two twenty-year-olds from Augusta lose their lives –

More blood on the Syracusan roads. Two boys aged 19 and 22 lost their lives in a dramatic road accident that took place overnight on the Syracuse-Catania road, near the Augusta junction. They were aboard a BMW driven by a 30-year-old friend who was injured in the terrifying accident. The car, according to an initial … Read more

We want a legal assessment. We lose part of our income

Andrey Vatutin, president of CSKA, explained CSKA’s latest move, namely the appeal in Luxembourg against exclusion from the next EuroLeague I like: I like Loading… Andrey Vatutin, president of the CSKA, explained the latest move by CSKA, or the appeal in Luxembourg opposed to being excluded from the next EuroLeague. We report his words from … Read more

Make Reverse and Transmission Lose, These are 3 Common Mistakes Driving Matic Cars on an incline

Rianto Prasetyo / Illustration. Don’t do it, these are 3 common mistakes when driving an automatic car on an incline – Makes Reverse and Transmission Loss, These are 3 Common Driving Mistakes Mobil Matic on the Incline. There are 3 mistakes that often occur while driving mobil matic on an incline. This error … Read more

Crazy lust.. A Bahraini bride who could not control herself on the night of the wedding made a dangerous move over the bed and made the groom lose his most precious possession!! (shocking details)

2022/08/02 It’s 10:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Like any young man, this Bahraini young man dreamed that his wedding would be distinct from everyone, and that his first meeting with his wife would be special as well, but those wishes turned into a mirage, and on the night of the wedding he almost … Read more