Widebody Aircraft Mro Market Report 2020 Growth by Manufacturers: Pratt & Whitney, Lufthansa Technik, KLM Engineering and Maintenance, and Honeywell Aerospace

Exploring the latest research from global Mro’s wide-body aircraft on the market presents a market research report review that is powered by market.biz. It familiarizes customers with the most recent of the current market outline patterns and improves the forecast status of 2020-2026.The Mro Widebody Aircraft report offering a comprehensive examination of the various Mro … Read more

Lufthansa and Verdi come to an agreement in collective bargaining

The negotiations on cost savings between Verdi and Lufthansa were finally able to come to a mutual conclusion. The issue of termination should be off the table for the time being, the employees would also forego around 200 million euros. The agreement reached between Lufthansa and the union of the 35,000 affected employees is to … Read more

Lufthansa reaches agreement with employees – no layoffs in 2021 …

According to Lufthansa, the previous Christmas bonus has already been withheld. The additional payments to the short-time work allowance are also to be cut. Overall, there is potential for savings of more than 200 million euros, as both sides confirmed. The parties want to speak early about further austerity measures from 2022. “We must not … Read more

Economics Professor Hickel: Werder needs Corona help like the Lufthansa – Bundesliga

Rudolf Hickel (78) is one of the most famous financial scientists in Germany. The business professor at the University of Bremen is also a Werder fan. In the BILD interview, he explains the club’s risk of bankruptcy and advises Werder to invest. BILD: Mr. Hickel, Werder got into financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis. … Read more

€ 266.05 – Cheap flights to London from San Francisco (Lufthansa)

US$313 – Airline: Lufthansa Air fares from: € 266.05 Typical price: € 612 (You are saving 57% percent O € 345.95 per billet)! Economy class: Economy classes Flights available from: San Francisco (SFO) Flights available for: London (LHR) Booking link example: Click and wait for the search to finish. Travel dates (departure): November 13, 2020 … Read more

Day 1: International flights resume in Peru: how will you take advantage of them and

These days will be important for the sectors commercial air and tourism in Peru because it will be confirmed which will be the first international routes to operate to and from our country in the ‘post COVID era’, starting in October. READ ALSO: * International flights are back: first routes, protocols and what the airlines … Read more

Frankfurt: Lufthansa jet has to cancel take-off – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – Because of the corona infection of a passenger, a Lufthansa plane had to turn back on Friday on the way to Minsk. How “The mirror” reported, the machine was on its way to the tarmac shortly after 10 a.m. and was supposed to take off for Belarus when the woman reported to the … Read more

Corona cancellations – Lufthansa keeps 1.4 million customers waiting! – Domestic policy

Because of the Corona crisis, the Lufthansa planes stayed on the ground for a long time. And around 1.4 million customers of the airline are still waiting for ticket refunds! According to its own information, the airline has made progress in the last few weeks and has paid out EUR 2.3 billion to 5.4 million … Read more

Lufthansa cuts compensation for pilots, fired from the job for now | NOW

Lufthansa is going to cut back on compensation to its pilots, but is not firing them for the time being. That’s in one agreement that the German airline has concluded with the VC pilots’ union. The Lufthansa Group, which also includes Germanwings and Brussels Airlines, will reduce additional pilot allowances, such as pension payments, from … Read more

Lufthansa – Negotiations fail: “A slap in the face for the employees”

The Lufthansa airline group announced on Thursday that it had unilaterally broken off negotiations with the Verdi union on Covid-related savings measures for ground staff. Posted today at 7:00 p.m. The first European airline group, of which the German state has become the main shareholder in an attempt to get out of the rut, plans … Read more