New details on LEGO Luigi and all the sets that will accompany its launch

Bowser’s flying ship, Lakitu’s aerial world, the frog costume and other sets join the LEGO Super Mario collection. Last april it was learned that Luigi would join Mario from LEGO, at that time its release was dated to the next August 1st and it was announced that reservations for Luigi’s starter kit were now open … Read more

Luigi is coming! The new LEGO adventure put to the test – play tests

Mario gets reinforcements: On August 1st, Luigi joins the LEGO Super Mario universe. And also activates the 2-player function. The test. With the new set “Adventure with Luigi – Starter Set” comes across Marios green plumber brother and fan favorite Luigi from August to LEGO Universe. Players can not only go on new adventures with … Read more

Deux RPG Taiko no Tatsujin percutent la Switch

Percussion lovers can already enjoy their tatakon and ruin the tranquility of the neighborhood by playing Taiko no Tatsujin on Switch. Their investment in these drums will soon be even more profitable as a pack containing two Taiko no Tatsujin RPGs will be released this end of the year, for a most impactful Christmas. Taiko … Read more

Luigi and I are no longer together, I will not stop loving him

Guglielmo Scilla is one of the most loved and well-known characters on the web, one of the first Italian youtubers to become famous beyond the video platform, also pursuing an acting career for some time. His activity on social media is currently continuing at full speed and like all the characters who gain visibility he … Read more

Tunisia: Venice Film Festival 2020 – Dorra Bouchoucha to the jury for the “Luigi De Laurentiis” Prize, Lion of the Future

Tunis – The producer Dorra Bouchoucha was chosen by the international jury for the “Luigi De Laurentiis” Prize, by the organizers of the 77th Venice Film Festival, scheduled for September 2 to 12, in the city of Venice in Italy . The producer joins her compatriot Hend Sabry at the Venice Film Festival, which in … Read more

Big data breach at Nintendo reveals Luigi in Super Mario 64

Nintendo’s servers are as leaky as a basket. This weekend, a huge amount of data leaked with a lot of fascinating info and images from classic games. Luigi apparently first in Super Mario 64? A new data breach at Nintendo reveals prototypes and source codes from many older games. The leak comes from forum 4Chan, … Read more

Luigi is real! 24 years later the myth of Super Mario 64 is confirmed

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / To Nintendo is a company that pays special attention to the security of its development processes and the code that accounts for it and that ultimately makes a game work. It is known that the workers of the Japanese company … Read more

Nintendo suffers even more leaks, including Luigi in Super Mario 64 and more – Nintenderos

While yesterday we shared with you an important leak of Nintendo properties alongside an interesting proposition From Pokémon, it now appears that a second wave has come to light. Here we bring you some information on the subject. Just like yesterday, we will not go into detail or show the filtered content on the web, … Read more

51 Worldwide Games Review

In the last few years and due to the Corona-exception situation, especially in the last few weeks have digital games gained a lot of popularity. In this respect, it is little surprising that Nintendo Switch with “51 Worldwide Games”, now a comprehensive collection of analog games donated. Whether this excited or whether we engage in … Read more