New season of Fortnite not playable on iOS and Mac: ‘Tears streamed down his cheeks’

The new season of Fortnite came out yesterday. Something fans look forward to. Many thousands of players do not see any of this. Ruben (6) is such a fanatic player. “When he plays it is excitement and sensation. He plays the game with full dedication,” says his mother. When the news came that the new … Read more

“Mac” Sabc, also defeated by “Sūduvu”, “Legia” and “Celtic” are experiencing a fiasco – Football –

“Sūduva” and “Maccabi” also met in last season’s Euroccups, in the 3rd round of the UEFA European League qualification, at that time they were superior to Lithuanians in both games with 2: 1. This time the Israeli champion “Maccabi” did without unnecessary “ceremonies”, completely dominating both on the field (hit ratio – 11: 1, ball … Read more

Flexgate: new legal action against Apple in the United States

Apple is not done with “flexgate”. Although the manufacturer has implemented a repair program for the MacBook Pro 13 “2016 victims of this backlight problem, a new class action has been mounted in the United States, reports Apple Insider. The malfunction is caused by the wear and tear of the flex cables that connect the … Read more

Independent repair service providers: Independent Mac repair shops are not allowed to help some customers

Apple has more details on the program for independent Mac repairs released. Stellenmarkt ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt, Nuremberg via duerenhoff GmbH, Stuttgart area It is interesting for customers that all Mac models are covered by the program, i.e. Macbooks, iMacs, the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. However, with one major restriction: The devices may no … Read more

MacGeneration | Actu Apple & Mac

Apple is now more flexible for repairing Macs, iPhones, and iPads that have a public beta installed. Users who need a repair on a beta machine can request the help of a Genius to restore the machine to the latest stable version of the operating system via the recovery mode (DFU). To carry out a … Read more

Mid-2012 MacBook Air soon to be obsolete

Two Macs will go from being older products to being obsolete products. These are the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air (mid-2012), which will switch from August 31 in the second list. Apple considers a device obsolete when its sale is over seven years old. The manufacturer no longer provides hardware repairs for these products, while … Read more

Apple offers the refurbished 2019 Mac Pro for purchase in France

A new product is available for purchase on Apple’s French site dedicated to refurbished products. It’s a Mac: the Mac Pro 2019, the machine was presented by Apple last December. Also read: Refurbished 2019 Mac Pros are offered for sale in the United States For now, Apple offers the refurbished Mac Pro with the 3.5 … Read more