Open source applications on Mac can be infiltrated by malware

Mac users should be more careful when downloading and installing applications because there are findings of an open source application that is modified and can be hacked. Using various applications in Mac generally considered more secure than applications running on Windows. Developed software open source generally harmless, but that does not mean all of the … Read more

MacBook tips let you know your Dock better!Dual-screen Dock is not afraid of running around

The editor used to use a Windows desktop computer, but recently changed to a MacBook due to work needs. Although I have adapted to the cross-system conversion smoothly, the MacBook itself has many functions, and it takes time to study to improve the smoothness of use. After the screen is turned on, there is a … Read more

Beware, These 3 Applications Often Spread Malware on Mac Devices

Reported from Laptop Mag, Friday (18/11/2022), Elastic Security Labs mentioned only 6 percent malware that attacks the device macOS compared to 54 percent of malicious threats entering Windows systems. On the downside, macOS isn’t completely immune to malware. macOS users should be wary of apps that might carry nasty viruses. According to the 2022 Global … Read more

Security upgrade for your Mac with modern antivirus software

Mac antivirus software – for your maximum possible security Nowadays, cyber dangers not only come in many forms, but they are also getting worse every day. Mac computers are not entirely immune to viruses and other attacks, although they are less vulnerable to them. Other harmful attacks, such as stolen passwords, ransomware, or stolen backups, … Read more

Apple’s “trash can” Mac Pro duel M1/M2 chip multi-core performance can still overwhelm M1 | XFastest News

Apple released the new Mac Pro at WWDC in 2013. It has a very compact design and is dubbed “the trash can” by many people. However, under its small body, it is equipped with an Intel Xeon processor, two AMD FirePro D300/ D500/D700 graphics card, with six Thunderbolt 2 ports, etc., the performance was quite … Read more

AirDrop Tricks Send Photos, Videos, Contacts Between iPhone iPad and Mac (Update 2022)

AirDrop is a feature that allows us to send files, photos, videos, contacts and more from one iPhone, iPad, Mac to another nearby device. What can AirDrop send? And what else can be set? let’s see AirDrop Tricks (Update 2022) What are the benefits of AirDrop? AirDrop can be used to share photos, files, contacts, … Read more