They manage to breach the security of Mac computers with an altered USB-C cable

The old adage of “Apple computers are virus-free” seems to have once again been a thing of the past. Newer Mac devices use a security chip, T2, that protects the device. But a group of researchers managed to develop an “exploit”, a vulnerability, using only a modified USB-C cable. Among other actions, this fault allows … Read more

Apple, close to replacing Intel and using proprietary chips in its Mac computers

With self-designed chips based on the experience accumulated in iPhone and iPad, Apple has everything ready to replace Intel processors in the next generation of Mac computers in 2021 Apple you are all set to start using your own chips in your line of personal computers, in replacement of the current microprocessors of Intel, according … Read more

They manage to breach the security of the T2 chip of Mac computers with a modified USB Type-C cable

Researchers revealed that the T2 chip in Apple’s macOS computers can be compromised with just a modified USB cable. The Mac computers more recent are equipped with a security chip, known as T2, which protects the security of the device, but researchers have managed to develop a exploit for violate these protections using only one … Read more

this is how the iPhone and iPad are synchronized with the Mac after the disappearance of iTunes

With macOS Catalina a new era begins. Apple has decided to remove iTunes of your operating system Or rather, disintegrate it into three separate applications: Music, Podcasts and Apple TV. However, none of these apps can be used to sync iPhone or iPad with a Mac computer.

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Best deals on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch

Prime Day 2020 has already begun, the Amazon event in which, on Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14, the price of thousands of products from all areas will be lowered: from computers to televisions, through smartphones, kitchen utensils , clothes, shoes, etc. The promotion starts on Tuesday at 00:01 and ends on Wednesday at 23:59.

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Incredible theft in a Mercado Libre purchase: a student asked for a Mac laptop for $ 140 thousand and received a bottle of liquor

Juana’s claim on Twitter that made the problem visible.The shipment He arrived last Friday at noon to the town of Cipoletti, Río Negro, from the Federal Capital. The closed box bore a Argentine Mail document and a piece of paper attached to the side with the Mercado Libre logo that seemed to endorse the transaction. … Read more

How to download Among US for free on Windows and Mac for free? | Videogames | Entertainment

Among Us, the ‘the impostor’ video game you’ve probably heard of has been sweeping app stores for weeks, leading the broadcasts on the well-known platform streaming Twitch, in addition to being one of the best sellers through the service Steam. It is also available for PC and although its installation costs approximately three dollars, a … Read more

Mac computers will have Apple processors – Córdoba News –

Mac computers will have Apple processors The company confirmed that the first system with this technology will be available by the end of the year With the aim of improving the performance of its computers, Apple announced the transition from Mac to the company’s own processors. As confirmed by the signing of the Manzanita, developers … Read more