Mac Lesggy is set on fire on Twitter after his comments on Sandrine Rousseau

There are topics that are sure to elicit strong reactions on social media and politics is one of them. Last Tuesday, in a tweet aimed at denouncing the arrival of 89 deputies from the National Rally in the National Assembly, Sandrine Rousseau, deputy Nupes-EELV said: “Reminder: The extreme right in France was founded by admirers … Read more

New Alpina for the diesel fan. This is the D4 S Gran Coupé.

Alpina now presents the D4 S Gran Coupé which is their way of refining the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé with a diesel engine. As usual, the engine has been spruced up and this racker goes from a standstill to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and can peak at 270 km / h. … Read more

Kuzminsk, who does not change his plan for the national team, is about Mac: he could still play at the highest level

Although it was just a friendly match in honor of the late Lavrinovich brothers, neither Kuzminskas nor his main aide that evening Jonas Valančiūnas the competitors did not tend to give up and together they scored as many as 38 points. “There was one Euroleague player, another NBA All-Star, who decided to catch up and … Read more

Bill Gates dissects cryptocurrencies and NFTs. “100% based on greater fool theory”.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, does not seem to have much left over for cryptocurrencies and the digital works of art sold as so-called NFTs. During a TechCrunch conference yesterday, Gates said that cryptocurrencies were 100 percent based on the so-called “Greater Fool” theory, meaning … Read more

Will the iPad replace the Mac? 5 iPadOS 16 Update Features That Will Make You Consider It – FayerWayer

Having a laptop and it being a Mac is a very important benefit when organizing an office and grouping your work tools. In the same way, if you require a machine that meets demanding functions for your entertainment. However, if your functions on the Internet do not exceed check emails, browse social networks and enjoy … Read more

How to solve the problem that the external hard disk of Mac cannot be read?The Best Rescue Tool for Data Damage 4DDiG – Mr. Crazy

The capacity of Mac computers is always insufficient, so most people choose to buy external hard drives or USB storage devices as data storage and backup hard drives to solve the problem of insufficient Mac space. I always encounter the situation that the external hard disk of the Mac cannot be read. How to solve … Read more

Wallpaper (Wallpaper) macOS Ventura for iPhone, Mac

Apple has released macOS Ventura At WWDC22 this past year came a nice graphic background for Mac and we’ve resized it for iPhone too. Load it now! Wallpaper (Wallpaper) macOS Ventura for iPhone, Mac For iPhone – download For iPhone – download For Mac – download For Mac – download _____________________________________________ Exchange old for new … Read more

[외부체험단] Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Kikron K5 Blueprint Review : Dana and DPG DPG

0. Overview Awareness of mechanical keyboards seems to have improved a lot now. When I first bought a mechanical keyboard with 120,000 won, it was different from the time when my graduate school sisters showed angry expressions. Even if you go to a PC room or turn on YouTube, it seems that few people now … Read more

ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED – – Technology Focus – Computer

In recent years, the public’s requirements for laptop computers have become higher and higher, because whether it is WFH or going out for work, a computer with light performance and good performance is required as a partner! ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED is light and thin, and equipped with the latest 12th generation Intel® Core™ processor, … Read more