The first German Leopards arrived in Ukraine. However, German companies cannot deliver new machines on a large scale

A few days ago, there was news that caused malicious satisfaction in the West: Russia is deploying tanks from the “museum” on the Ukrainian battlefield. The emergency forced the Russian leadership to pull out of storage 60-year-old T-62 machines, which, among other things, “distinguished themselves” during the crushing of the Prague Spring. According to the … Read more

Gigafactory Berlin finally reaches its goal of 5,000 machines per week

The electric car manufacturer Tesla’s factory in Berlin has finally reached the set production goal – the factory managed to produce 5,000 cars a week during the week. That kind of volume is usually set as the first big goal when a new Tesla factory starts work. Tesla informed about the achieved goal on its … Read more

Nyepi Day, ATM machines in Bali are disabled starting Tuesday, March 21

CNN Indonesia Monday, 20 Mar 2023 05:13 WIB Illustration of residents meeting cash needs by visiting ATM machines. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Lucky R) Denpasar, CNN Indonesia — In order to support the sacredness of the commemoration Nyepi Day 2023The Representative Office of Bank Indonesia (BI) for Bali Province said that the ATM machines on the Island of … Read more

French ski slopes do not use snow machines: no more artificial snow in the Drôme | Abroad

Snow cannons are no longer used in the southern French department of Drôme. Green pistes or white pistes: nature decides. Artificial snow will never be sprayed again on the six ski slopes in the area. This has been decided by the department board. Due to global warming, low-lying ski areas such as the Drôme often … Read more

All New Daihatsu Ayla 2023 The Cheapest Type, Only 82 Million? Bring 2 Responsive and Agile Gahar Machines

AYOSEMARANG.COM — The All New Daihatsu Ayla 2023 looks like it will beat all its rivals in the LCGC class with a cheap price and a fiercer engine. Officially released on February 15 2023, the All New Daihatsu Ayla 2023 looks sportier and very masculine. So, regarding the price, you will be able to know … Read more

Pacanda confesses in the book. After that foul, my life broke, he says

You celebrated your 45th birthday on the last day of February, how does that sound? I’m probably worse at it than women, it already seems to me that it’s terrible. I know that women are more concerned with age, I don’t even know why, but that number seems really high to me. (smile) You came … Read more

Tavannes: Swiss demining machines sent to Ukraine

Tavannes (BE) Swiss demining machines soon to be produced in Ukraine A Tavannoise company specializing in mine clearance intends to send and manufacture its machines in Ukraine. Currently in production, a first machine should be delivered in the coming months. Published1 mars 2023, 13:17 Digger Foundation machines are involved in many armed conflicts, such as … Read more

Without people. Inside the robotic kingdom of the Post Office, where the machines rule

Robotizing the entire warehouse was not the ambition of Zásilkovna. Holding Packeta, which owns this transport company, aimed to multiply the capabilities of the space available to it. There were more and more packages from e-shops, and the company’s management realized that it would either have to stop accepting new orders soon, or find a … Read more