Subhanallah, 6 Names of These Countries are Mentioned in Al Quran, Is There Indonesia?

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – 11:36 WIB VIVA Lifestyle – A number of country and kota in this world has its own privileges because it is specifically mentioned in Al Quran. The country or city mentioned in the Quran has a past that we can still read about. Al Quran itself was revealed by Allah … Read more

Saudi Arabia Could Get Richer, Find New Gold Sources in Medina

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Arab Saudi it is said that he will be richer after finding new gold and copper mining sources in the City Madinah. The Saudi Geological Survey Agency said the abundant gold ore deposits were found in the Aba Al-Raha area of ​​Medina, as quoted from Al Arabiya. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME … Read more

Seeing the Inside of the Kaaba, There is a Place for the Prophet to Pray

Jakarta – The official Twitter account of the Grand Mosque or Kakbah reveal the latest photos containing the appearance of the inside of the Kaaba. There are 8 photos that show details of the contents of the Kaaba, from the golden door, the pattern of the walls and floors, to the supporting pillars. “A few … Read more

The Story of the Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims: Hurts Husband When Wife Dies Upon Arriving in Medina, Jakarta – Zainal could not contain his sadness when his wife died upon arrival at Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport (AMAA) MadinahSaturday, June 4, 2022. The 64-year-old man did not expect to have to leave Suhati, his lover when he was doing it haji with him. He said, when on the plane to … Read more

Her mother is very famous.. the first Christian artist to pray for her in the Prophet’s Mosque and to be buried in Madinah. She died while performing the Hajj.. You will not believe who she is!!

2022/03/24 It’s 08:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Her real name is Elaine Dagher, but later known as (Mona Dagher), she was born in 1923, of Lebanese descent, and her mother is Asia Dagher, who is considered the most famous film producer in the Arab world, she moved to live in Egypt, And represented … Read more

Is it true that IMAM MAHDI has appeared and is already on Earth? This is Ustadz Dhanu’s words

DESKABABLE– Imam Mahdi has appeared and is already in this world is this really happening now? Imam Mahdi in accordance with the hadith explained by the Prophet Muhammad SAW will appear at the end of time. Is it true that now is the end of time and Imam Mahdi has appeared and is in Earth … Read more