train in the Netherlands almost the most expensive in the world –

Is the train a good alternative to the car? Maybe if train tickets weren’t so incredibly expensive. There is only one country where a ride with the boomel costs more and that is Switzerland. This is evident from figures from statistics website Statista† Swiss public transport users pay almost 44 euros per person per month. … Read more

This group of people is more likely to have lung covid –

Almost half of the people who got corona last year still had complaints after three months, according to research by the RIVM. Which people are more likely to belong to that group? In Belgium they are slightly stricter with their definition of long-term covid and they come to about 130,000 people, who still have significant … Read more

If you fail this balance test, you are twice as likely to die (too) quickly

Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds? Middle-aged people who can’t do that for 10 seconds are nearly twice as likely to die within a decade, according to recent research. Scientists in Brazil say the simple and safe balance test should become part of a routine health check for older adults. Your stability … Read more

Normal body temperature is not 37 degrees, but 36.4 –

In the nineteenth century it was calculated that a person who is not sick has a body temperature of 37 degrees. But that is not true (anymore), experts say. In the 1800s, many people had chronic ailments that raised temperatures, such as syphilis. Now we are on average much healthier and the actual temperature of … Read more

‘Fear is a lubricant in society’ – Trends magazines on PC

While the world has generally become a safer place, the idea is that we are collectively more afraid. “Deciding on the basis of fear does not automatically mean that you are irrational,” says psychologist Bram Vervliet, who has been researching the meaning of fear for twenty years. Bram Vervliet has been researching fear for over … Read more

Like father Like Son? You’re a lot less like your parents than you think –

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Well, it falls further than you think. Many people are not much more like their parents than they are strangers, research shows. Psychologists have been studying the nature versus nurture question for decades: do your genes determine your personality or do you determine your environment? Personality researcher … Read more

Why do some people get cold sores and what works best? –

If you suffer from cold sore sores, you are actually too late to stop the virus. Applying antiviral cream or other remedies can only limit the damage to the skin. Professor of clinical virology Louis Kroes explains in the Volkskrant from what a cold sore is exactly: “It is a virus that has the annoying … Read more

‘Began to vibrate and was pulled like a magnet to the fridge’ –

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is relatively unknown, but it is much more common than anorexia and bulimia. Patients suffer from compulsive binge eating, but show no compensatory behavior afterwards. It was only in 2013 that BED was included as a separate disorder in the psychology bible, the DSM-V. The main difference from anorexia and bulimia … Read more

Heavy drinkers ‘healthier and happier’ –

Alcohol is bad. You get heart disease and it stimulates cancer. But it seems that it also has positive sides, for your happiness and even for your health. Researchers surveyed hundreds of people over 60 who went to hospital for routine surgery about their mood and quality of life, and compared the answers to the … Read more

Showers and scattered thunderstorms are coming

From late afternoon today, Thursday 2 June, and until Tuesday next week, summer weather is expected, but scattered showers and thunderstorms may develop which locally could be of high intensity, with abundant rainfall, hail, lightning and strong gusts of wind. . The forecast is uncertain, but the development of thunderstorms seems more probable in the … Read more