Osakidetza has detected 10,392 tumors with breast cancer screening

The Osakidetza’s breast cancer early detection program turns 25 this Sunday of operation, in which more than 2 million mammograms that have made it possible to detect more than 10,300 cancers in the Basque Country, mostly in early stages. The program for the early detection of breast cancer began on November 29, 1995 in the … Read more

Deaths from breast cancer in Navarra are reduced by half in 30 years

The deaths from breast cancer have been cut in half since 1990 in women aged 25 to 64 in Navarra. Screening through periodic mammograms within the framework of the Breast Cancer Early Detection program and the most effective treatments have contributed to the sharp decline in mortality from this cause, which was responsible for the … Read more

The ‘mindfulness’, an ally against breast cancer

The Portuguese University of Coimbra (UC) has developed an innovative psychotherapy program based on the “mindfulness“and meditation, which has been shown to be effective” in reducing the suffering of women with breast cancer “and improving their quality of life. Solca de Guayaquil registered 988 new cases of breast cancer in 2019 Read more “The psychological … Read more

The breast cancer unit relocates to the Alfaro bullring

In the presence of the tent to carry out the PCR tests for COVID-19 in the front of the health center, the mobile unit of the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program changes its usual location on its visit to Alfaro to settle in the next days in front of the box office of the bullring. … Read more

The complaint of a cancer patient: “I am not willing to be allowed to die from the covid”

Patricia Rus, sick with breast cancer, denounces the situation of many patients, with their treatments paralyzed “It is not fair that to fight for a pandemic others are allowed to die” “No one has the right to take away the hope of being able to heal us” “This video is a bit difficult for me … Read more

Abigail’s mother, after the viral video: “My daughter hopes that God will do the miracle”

“She asks God to do the miracle; he wants to go back to his normal life ”. The one speaking, with a broken voice and tears in her eyes, is Carmen Jiménez, the mother of Milagros Abigail, the 12-year-old girl who has cancer and who was not allowed to enter Santiago del Estero. Abigail’s case … Read more

Researchers at Cebas test how vegetables stop breast tumors

Scientists from the Food and Health Laboratory of the Segura Center for Applied Edaphology and Biology (Cebas-CSIC) in Murcia have shown in two clinical trials that various molecules present in plant foods, called polyphenols, reach the tumor of patients with breast cancer and they come to stop growth. The results are collected in a doctoral … Read more

Portaltic.-The Spanish engineer who works to bring home breast cancer tests, James Dyson Award 2020

Portaltic.-The Spanish engineer who works to bring home breast cancer tests, James Dyson Award 2020 MADRID, 19 Nov. 2020 (Portaltic/EP) – The Spanish biomedical engineer, Judit Giró, has won the James Dyson Award 2020 thanks to ‘The Blue Box’ (the blue box), a biomedical device that will allow women in the future to undergo a … Read more

700 kilos of glass to fight breast cancer

The amount of glass that students and teachers of the Nuestra Señora de la Consolación school deposited yesterday in the pink igloos in La Paz Park amounts to “approximately 700 kilos”, according to the Ibiza Council’s calculations. Among the collected material are “many bottles that the Marí Mayans family gave,” as Marisa Roig explained. The … Read more

The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies

The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies The young 14-year-old Colombian actor, Cristian Felipe Mosquera died this Monday, November 16 in the city of Bogotá. By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 Mosquera became famous in 2018 after playing in ‘La mama del … Read more