A man tries to boycott vaccination in a school in Massanassa

Colegio Ausiàs March de Massanassa. The emv A neighbor of Massanassa unsuccessfully tried to boycott vaccination for children between 5 and 8 years of age at Escola Infantil Ausiàs March of the locality. The events occurred a few days ago when this man, a resident of Massanassa, even appeared at the center’s facilities, trying to … Read more

Sultan! This man is the only passenger on the plane, free to lie down and eat as much as you want : Okezone Travel

A man named Kai Forsyth shares his unique experience when he was the only passenger in aircraft. It undergoes flight for eight hours from England to the United States. Kai shared his experience through a video uploaded on his TikTok account @kaiforsyth with the title ‘Perhaps the Strangest Experience’ which had gone viral on social … Read more

Drama at the Dallas Synagogue: A man was held hostage to secure the release of a convicted Pakistani woman

The attacker entered the synagogue on Saturday around eleven in the morning during Shabbat prayers, which were broadcast online. He said, “There’s something wrong with America.” He also said, “I’m going to die.” The attacker held four people hostage, including a rabbi. He demanded, among other things, that Afiya Siddiki, a neurologist of Pakistani descent, … Read more

Shadow Man: Remastered walks out of the shadows into PlayStation and Xbox digital stores

It was already known that a remaster of Shadow Man on the way was, but not yet when the game would be released. The game has now popped up out of nowhere in PlayStation and Xbox digital stores. Shadow Man: Remastered presents you with the original game, but with a 4K resolution and 60 frames … Read more

The daughter of Maria Shukshina, who turned into a man, spoke about the reaction of her relatives

The 33-year-old eldest daughter of actress Maria Shukshina from her first marriage, Anna Tregubenko, said that her relatives did not approve of the changes that had happened to her. The girl, after graduating from the production department of VGIK, suddenly became interested in bodybuilding. She also began taking appropriate drugs to build muscle mass, which, … Read more

Man who fakes his own death runs into the lamp due to corona infection Abroad

International police organization Interpol had been looking for 34-year-old Rossi for some time, because he is wanted in the US state of Utah in a rape case. Rossi announced in December 2019 that he would have only weeks to live because he was suffering from a rare form of cancer. In 2020, several news sites … Read more

The tall man, who triumphed with L. Dončičius at the European Championship, ended his career

He triumphed in the European Championship with the Slovenian national team Gasperas Vidmaras announced the end of his career. The tall man, who has been injured in recent years at the age of 34, has decided to hang sneakers on a nail. Gašper Vidmar, thank you for everything you did for Slovenian basketball, and for … Read more

Open the warp, who plays the role of Van Thitiphong, who is the owner of the great phrase Born as a son of a rich man…

This work has made many People even wondered a lot. Who is the role of Van Thitiphong? Today, the Khao Thai News team has an answer for you. which after investigating the recipient’s historyRole: Van Thitipong Come and have to exclaim that really not common For the actor who plays Van Thitipong in the clip … Read more

Bizarre spectacle! Match man vs woman wanted friend to stop by jumping on his head

As MMA gains in popularity around the world, a lot of bizarre events and matches are emerging. For example, we recently informed you about the 5 vs 5 duel, which did not turn out quite well. Another very special event took place in Russia now, which offered a lot of bizarre moments. The world’s most … Read more

who was James Webb, the man who names the most powerful space telescope to date

On December 25, space exploration experienced a historic moment, the James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed its takeoff and began a new era of sidereal research. What we already explained in Xataka, its importance lies in the fact that it is a hundred times more powerful than its predecessor, so it will allow humanity to … Read more