Amsterdam and Rotterdam will stop mandatory masking after Sunday | NOW

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are not going to extend the experiment with a mandatory mouth cap. Both cities announced this on Friday. After Sunday, wearing a mouth mask is no longer mandatory in certain busy parts of the city. Wearing a face mask has been mandatory in both cities since August 5 in certain shopping areas … Read more

El Comercio Answers: Coronavirus: Will the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? This says

With at least 170 vaccines against new coronavirus in development, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already made a statement regarding the obligation behind the immunization of the world population against the COVID-19. The final decision seems to be left to each of the countries. LOOK: Coronavirus in Peru: In what phase is the Peruvian … Read more

Let’s change asks that medical students can do the mandatory final practices

The Buenos Aires deputy of Together for Change, the radical Alejandra Lordén, proposed to request the Ministry of Education of the Nation, evaluate the possibility that all those students of Universities in the country of the Health Sciences careers can finish the PFO. These are students of medicine, nursing, obstetrics, kinesiology, nutrition, who are doing … Read more

“Strong authentication” mandatory for online payments over 1500 euros as of Tuesday

Please note: for all those who place orders via the internet, an important change will take place this August 25 in Belgium. For any online purchase over 1500 euros, you will now need a “strong authentication”: the number of your credit card and the code on the back will no longer be sufficient to make … Read more

When returning from Spain, a test or quarantine will be mandatory, the ministry confirmed – ČT24 – Czech Television

From European countries, the Ministry also continues to assess Romania as risky. Immediately after returning from these countries, tourists must report by telephone to the regional hygienic station appropriate to their place of residence. They must then take a covid-19 test, which they will pay for themselves, and notify the hygienists of the result no … Read more

Microsoft forces the mandatory use of Windows 10 antivirus

Microsoft Defender – the old Windows Defender – is the antivirus tool that is included in Windows 10. Nothing wrong with having a free option. The downside comes when Microsoft decides to force you to use something you want or don’t want, which is precisely what it just did with Defender. And, although the current … Read more

At a glance: Where there will be mandatory curtains from September 1 (as of August 20)

Change again. Veils will not be mandatory in restaurants, shops or schools today 16:09Updated The rules for the mandatory wearing of veils are being changed before they enter into force. The regulation, which is to apply from 1 September, eliminated the obligation to wear veils in restaurants, schools, shops or services. Veils will continue to … Read more

Change again. Veils will not be mandatory in restaurants, shops or schools

On Monday, the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) stated that veils will be mandatory in shops or in means of transport. He held a press conference on Wednesday, where he said that even in restaurants or at the hairdresser’s, people must have nose and mouth protection. And on Thursday it’s different again. “We … Read more

Mandatory walking dogs? The German ministry is preparing a strange regulation

German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner announced this week that, based on the recommendations of experts, she intends to introduce the obligation to let the dogs run or take out at least twice a day from next year. It sparked a nationwide debate on whether the state can decide what is best for the country’s 9.4 … Read more