The war in Ukraine – a new maneuver for Putin: the FSB no longer trusts

61-year-old GRU leader Vladimir Alexeyev has been appointed in charge of intelligence operations in Ukraine, say security experts Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan. Alexei has previously coordinated military campaigns in Syria and the Donbass region of Ukraine. He has held this position since 2011. “Alexei is a fierce and confident general,” experts said in a … Read more

Sicily, the center-right explodes again after the words of Micciché against Musumeci in the week of approval of the maneuver

A week of passion. This is expected in Sicily with the opening, on Monday, of the discussion on the financialSicilian assemblyto be approved at the photo finish (by Wednesday), while the spirits in the center right they are becoming more and more aggressive. The political climate is heated up, in fact, due to the umpteenth … Read more

Government maneuver worries the market

The blue dollar had an extremely volatile week, which saw it break above $212, to then fall this Friday below $200, a busy itinerary that accompanied the financial dollars after three months of stability. The Informal dollar is trading this Friday at $199while the CCL is at $207.33, while the MEP is trading at $205.58 … Read more

From the ground to the tail, only 17 feet, the former French pilot unloads the Rafale maneuver that the Republic of Indonesia bought: when turning… Indonesia finally took the step of acquiring fighter jet Gust French to arm TNI AU. Purchase agreement 42 units fighter jet Gust French for TNI AUhas been achieved Indonesia and Dassault Aviation on 10 February 2022. Quoted from Dassault Aviation’s official release on February 10, 2022 announcing the purchase fighter jet Gust by … Read more

Highlight 4 Naturalized Players, Like This Shin Tae Yong’s Maneuver for the U-23 National Team – Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae Yong continue to monitor several lineage players who are undergoing the naturalization process. The four lineage players who are in the process of naturalization are Jordi Amat, Sandy Walsh, Mees Hilgers, and Ragnar Oratmangoen. Shin Tae Yong reportedly doing maneuvers or smart moves for the Indonesian national … Read more

NASA manages to unclog the Perseverance’s rock collection system with an ingenious maneuver

Image: NASA NASA has managed to get rid of the stones that clogged the complex Perseverance rover sample collection system. The laboratory on wheels, which landed on Mars a year ago, had managed to fill five sample tubes (the first rocks collected on another planet) when, at the sixth attempt, the system detected an obstruction. … Read more

Kadin Maneuver Rejects 5 Percent UMP Increase, Now Apindo Criticizes Lawsuits Anies

JAKARTA, – The polemic of increasing the provincial minimum wage (UMP) for DKI Jakarta in 2022 is still ongoing. Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) who feels that they do not accept the decision to increase the UMP by 5.1 percent, have filed a lawsuit to the State Administrative Court (PTUN). While the Indonesian Chamber of … Read more

False internships in place of employment contracts, the squeeze in maneuver. Fines of up to 6 thousand euros for companies that do not recognize the indemnity

Something moves after over 60 thousand signatures collected on against the work masked by stage and the many stories of people framed on the card like trainees to then be used in shops or companies a few hundred euros a month instead of employees with a “real” contract. During the passage of the Budget … Read more