Anime – Boruto – Naruto Next Generations – Episode #232 – Denki makes his leader debut, January 23, 2022

Episode 232 – Denki Makes His Anime Series Leader Debut Boruto –Naruto Next Generations is now available on the simulcast platform of DNA – AnimeDigitalNetwork and on the simulcast platform of Amazon Prime Video as well as on the simulcast platform of Netflix. Watch the episode For the first time, Team 5 inherits a B-rank … Read more

Ring in the New Year with “Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1”: Heist Launching Wednesday, January 19 | #games | Anime, Manga and Video Game News

How about the whole MultiAnime gang! On this occasion, the friends of Activision give us all the details about the robbery that is launched on Wednesday, January 19 in Call Of Duty: Mobile Temporada 1. Break into the Hacienda, secure the information and escape undetected in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1: Heist. Releasing on … Read more

Ultra Rumble adapts the manga to battle-royale and will be free on PC and consoles

24 players fight each other in a video game of which there are still many details to be presented. My Hero One’s Justice 2. With its video games dominating the main hit lists on PC, consoles and mobiles, it can easily be said that the passion for battle-royale is still far from showing signs of … Read more

Neo Geo Pocket Color Classic SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch! | #games | Anime, Manga and Video Game News

How about the whole MultiAnime gang! On this occasion, we share all the details about the availability of SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH in Nintendo Switch. Tokyo Japan. January 13, 2022 – SNK CORPORATION is proud to announce that SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH is now available for download on Nintendo Switch! (trailer … Read more

Platformer Roguelite Vagante Coming to PS4/5, Switch, and XBOX on January 27 | #games | Anime, Manga and Video Game News

How about the whole MultiAnime gang! On this occasion, thanks to the Spanish publisher Blitworks, we share with you the arrival of the vieogame «Wandering» a Xbox, Playstation y Nintendo Switch. Barcelona, ​​Spain – January 12, 2022. Spanish independent publisher BlitWorks announced today that, after successfully porting to consoles, the roguelite platformer Vagante will be … Read more

MANGA Plus also determines which works will have an anime adaptation – Kudasai

The editor of Shueisha, Yuuta Momiyama, which manages online services Shonen Jump Plus Y MANGA More of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, wrote a blog post to explain why the editorial department of the Shonen Jump Plus internally manages overseas distribution through MANGA More. First, he explained that it is common for publishers to sell … Read more

Manga artist Suzuki Ken was also arrested, admitting that “I really want to buy nude photos of foreign children” | 4Gamers

He lives in Funabashi City, Qianye County, and author of “No Taboo!” Suzuki Kenya, the cartoonist of “Private Girl High School Students”, was arrested by the Toyota Department of the Aichi Prefecture Police today (20) for purchasing a photo album of foreign children’s nudes and violating Japan’s tariff law (importing contraband). Suzuki Kenya made his … Read more

The Boku no Hero Academia manga is scheduled to end in a year – Kudasai

During the event Jump Festa 2022 a special message was projected by the author Kohei Horikoshi during the franchise panel Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), revealing his plans for the completion of the play. Message part wrote: «If “Boku no Hero Academia” continues to advance smoothly, exactly one year from now it will … Read more

Full of announcements during the PAM of Kana (update), December 19, 2021

On the occasion of their virtual event “Pop Asia Matsuri “which takes place this weekend, the Kana editions are full of announcements of which here is a first glimpse, this post will be updated according to the other possible announcements made this Sunday …The Elusive Samuraï, the new series of Yusei Matsui, an expected shonen … Read more