sedan wins version 1.0 manual. Now will you?

Disclosure Fiat Cronos Drive 1.0: few aesthetic changes in the 2023 line, which now has a redesigned front grille Gone are the days when the cheapest sedan in Brazil was really affordable. We are talking about the simple Chevrolet Classic, which neither ABS, power steering, airbag and air conditioning had in the basic configuration. Now, … Read more

Motor Shift Lever, Definition and Function in Manual System

The function of the motor shift lever is quite important for manual system vehicles. Motor racing and motorcycles that generally have a gear lever. Manual motor users should know these components in order to take advantage of their functions properly. Take it easy, we will provide a review of the gear lever and its functions. … Read more

A more fierce duckling is coming? Toyota chief engineer revealed: 300-horsepower GR Yaris development completed

The Toyota GR performance car series has recently added a GR Corolla general, and the performance of its GR Corolla Morizo ​​Edition has also been praised by foreign media. This also makes foreign media curious, can the first GR Yaris also have a Morizo ​​Edition? This has been confirmed by the chief engineer of Gazoo … Read more

House of Representatives agrees to ban on pedo manual | Tech

13 sep 2022 om 15:43Update: 2 dagen geleden On Tuesday afternoon, the House of Representatives approved a ban on the so-called pedo handbook. A bill was passed to ban possessing and sharing instructions to abuse children. The proposal still has to be considered by the Senate. By Rutger Otto The law has been in the … Read more

New Pagani officially: A real utopia with a V12 and a manual!

Are we sleeping or awake? There is a new Italian supersport in the world – or hypersport, if you like – with a twelve-cylinder engine and a manual gearbox! It comes from the Pagani car company and is aptly named Utopia. Pagani Automobili SpA was founded by Horatio Pagani back in 1992, thirty years ago. … Read more

Interest in the world’s most powerful manual is huge, Koenigsegg is increasing production

The Koenigsegg CC850 caused a huge wave of interest, fifty pieces were soon no longer enough. The Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg recently introduced the new C850 model, which received a drive unit from the Jesko model and a unique transmission that works essentially like a classic manual. According to the manufacturer, it is the most … Read more

The new Koenigsegg CC 850 rocket: 1385 hp and a manual gearbox from the future

The car was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Koenigsegg concern, so the body lines are borrowed from the CC8S model. It seems to prove that in 2002 the design still looks modern. The factory will only produce 50 of these beauties, with the first prototype going to Koenigsegg founder Christian Koenigsegg. The … Read more

There was a manual transmission with “fool protection”

The transition to electric vehicles does not imply the continued use of manual transmissions. True, Jeep last year introduced an electric Wrangler concept that retained such a transmission, but this exotic solution was intended to show that such a box is still relevant off-road. In the case of Mercedes, even “Gelendvagen” it won’t be saved.

Manual installation of GNOME Shell Extensions

Mon, August 15, 2022, Lioh Möller GNOME Shell extensions can be easily accessed using the website to install. In some cases, however, manual installation may be necessary. If an extension has been updated, for example, but an older version of the GNOME Shell is being used, incompatibilities can arise. In most cases, all previously released … Read more