Piñera promulgates law that criminalizes the use, sale and manufacture of fireworks | National

This Sunday and telematically, the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, promulgated the law that penalizes the use, sale and manufacture of fireworks as crimes. Said new law penalizes as a crime, with prison sentences, the use, sale and manufacture of fireworks and whoever shoots firearms, rockets, firecrackers or other projectiles. To do this, it … Read more

Nissan is forced to manufacture more batteries for the LEAF in the UK as a result of the new trade agreement with the European Union

The Nissan LEAF is a globally manufactured car: today it is produced in Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. However, not all batteries used in the European model are of indigenous origin: while the 40 kWh packs are manufactured by Envision Group in Sunderland, the 62 kWh used in the LEAF e + … Read more

Universal Farma: Insud will manufacture the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in Spain | Companies

The Spanish-Argentine pharmaceutical group Insud Pharma will manufacture, at its Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) plant, part of the international production of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford against Covid-19. The company will take care of its filling and packaging from February. This group was created in the seventies by the Argentines … Read more

Apple negotiates with Hyundai to manufacture its iCar car

An indiscretion by Hyundai has exposed Apple’s strategy of finding a manufacturer for its iCar. Hyundai has confirmed that it is in negotiations with Apple to develop and produce its new model of autonomous electric car. Shortly after, the Korean brand rectified its first statement and replaced Apple’s name with “potential partners.” This statement was … Read more

Hyundai confirms that it has entered into talks with Apple for a possible manufacture of the Apple Car

That Apple is working on its own car is something we’ve known for years. Still it seems such a large (titanic) project and we know so little about its development that we cannot even set specific dates of its supposed arrival, nor do we know what kind of project Apple has in hand. Recently, however, we have seen some steps that indicate that Apple could be making important advances in the Apple Car.

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Apple proposes to Hyundai to manufacture its electric vehicles and this soars 20% in the stock market

8/01/2021 – 8:59 Updated: 09:11 – 8/01/21 Hyundai has soared this Friday on the Seoul Stock Exchange. Its shares have appreciated 19.42% in the session after announcing that it is negotiating with Apple to manufacture its electric vehicles. “Apple is in talks with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor,” a representative of the … Read more

Business confidence faces an economic storm

MEXICO CITY.- This Tuesday the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) released the Business Confidence indicators (ICE), at the end of December 2020 there are certain economic risks for investment. This indicator allows knowing the perspective of entrepreneurs in the sectors of Manufacturing Industries, Construction, Commerce and Private Non-Financial Services on the economic situation … Read more

EU recognizes ‘global insufficiency’ to manufacture covid-19 vaccines

The European Union yesterday recognized a “global insufficiency” in the production capacity of vaccines against the coronavirus. The Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, thus came up against the growing criticism for the slowness with which the immunization campaign started on December 27 in the community space and that several specialists attributed yesterday to the mismanagement of … Read more

Tied to the adoption of technology the recovery of various industries

To contribute to economic growth and recovery efforts, Microsoft commissioned FrontierView, a global market intelligence and consulting firm, to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on industries in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries. Thus, the report “Map towards economic recovery: Puerto Rico” details how new technologies can help governments, businesses and citizens to regain similar … Read more

Marine Propulsion Size Market Report Top Countries Trends Research, Share, Manufacture, Detailed Analysis, Applications and Forecasts to 2026

Marine Propulsion Market report offers a detailed assessment of the market, highlighting information on different aspects including drivers, restraints, opportunities, threats, and global markets, including progress trends, competitive environment analysis, and key regions, status. expansion. This report is the global numerical analysis of the marine propulsion industry and provides data for making strategies to increase … Read more