Koenigsegg will manufacture components for Tesla electric vehicle modifications

Californian electric car manufacturer Tesla has joined forces with a world-renowned manufacturer of supersports. Unplugged Performance, California-based Tesla electric car manufacturer, recently announced a partnership with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing to develop carbon aerodynamic accessories for Tesla electric cars. The production of carbon body parts will be provided by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing, which will manufacture them … Read more

BMW wants to hire 6,000 workers just to manufacture electric cars

More and more people are talking about electric cars and these are gradually becoming more common on Portuguese roads, from the busiest cities to the most secluded villages. In this sense, the most recent information indicates that BMW intends to hire up to 6,000 new workers just focusing on the production of electric vehicles. <!– … Read more

Space – Airbus to manufacture a probe to analyze exoplanets

PostedDecember 7, 2021, 12:09 The company will manufacture a satellite capable of analyzing the atmosphere of a thousand extrasolar planets, in order to better understand their formation, or even to detect the conditions of a form of life. The probe that the European aeronautical group will design is due to be launched in 2029. REUTERS … Read more

Saudi Arabia is negotiating with “Foxconn” to manufacture an electric car in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia is in talks with Taiwanese technology group Foxconn to establish a joint venture to manufacture electric cars, a move that will help accelerate the kingdom’s plans to diversify its economy, according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg. It is to be established Public Investment Fund A new entity named Velocity will be the … Read more

Up again, Indonesia’s Manufacturing PMI hits a record high in history

ILLUSTRATION. A number of workers carry out the assembly process of the Isuzu Traga before being exported in East Karawang, West Java, Thursday (12/12/2019). BETWEEN PHOTOS/Akbar Nugroho Gumay/wsj. Reporter: Bidara Pink | Editor: Tendi Mahadi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Indonesia’s manufacturing conditions returned to power in October 2021. IHS Markit said this was evident from the … Read more

“We want to develop in Colombia the capacity to manufacture covid vaccines”

The popular saying says that he who hits first hits twice, however, there are exceptions. That is the case of Inovio, an American laboratory that will be one of the last to manufacture a vaccine for covid, but that will offer advantages never seen before, and one of them is that it does not need … Read more

“No More Heroes” developer Grasshopper Manufacture completed the transfer and became a subsidiary of NetEase | 4Gamers

Grasshopper Manufacture, a game development company founded by the so-called ghost producer Koichi Suda, has officially been incorporated into China NetEase today as its subsidiary. Grasshopper Manufacture was founded in 1998. Although it is not a large 3A game development company, each of its works is full of creativity, including works such as “Seven Killers”, … Read more

They re-manufacture the mythical Ferrari Testarossa and equip it with a telephone inside

The classic cars They are in fashion, both to enjoy driving them and to take them as an investment alternative. That is also why many brands have decided revive some of its historical models. In this case, it is a small company that has decided to re-produce one of the Ferrari most remembered in all … Read more

iPhone 13 Pro: this costs to manufacture and what Apple earns by selling it

For who is looking for a high-end cell phone, with a good camera, a very fast processor and large internal memory capacity, Apple has launched its new iPhone 13 collection, same that has many significant improvements over 12 but also a very high price, something that has been questioned. Apple users, as well as other … Read more

They reveal how much it costs Apple to make each iPhone 13 Pro

While all iPhone are usually sold in Apple Store at the same price as the previous generation model, the price of the components of the iPhone 13 it is higher than its predecessor. The portal Tech Insights performed a calculation, from hardware parts to decorative frames, on the cost of each component and reached the … Read more