The largest Czech car parts manufacturer, the Brano Group, is struggling with the crisis

In 2019, the revenues of Brano, the main entity of the entire group, exceeded 5.3 billion crowns. This was followed by a drop of almost three-quarters of a billion last year, from which the giant of the domestic “autoland” will not recover this year either. “I was expecting a crisis. Therefore, I have already set … Read more

Ahead of the 2022 Indonesian MotoGP Test at the Mandalika Circuit, Dovizioso comments on the Yamaha M1 Manufacturer

WITHU Motorsport Ahead of the 2022 Indonesian MotoGP test at the Mandalika circuit, on (11-13/2/2022), Andrea Dovizioso commented on the factory Yamaha YZR-M1 motorcycle. MOTOR – Ahead of the test MotoGP Indonesia 2022 from Mandalika circuit, on (11-13/2/2022), Andrea Dovizioso comment on motorbike Yamaha YZR-M1 manufacturer. Return Andrea Dovizioso to MotoGP is not easy, … Read more

Another manufacturer of phones will dive into the production of electric cars

The Chinese company Oppo, which is owned by the BBK Electronics concern, is joining Apple and Xiaomi and intends to enter completely new waters. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular all over the world, and more and more manufacturers are planning to take advantage of this, including not only popular vehicle companies but … Read more

Mercedes EQB will soon drive up electrically

A new Mercedes for families is coming: With the EQB, the Swabians are bringing their first compact electric seven-seater to car dealerships. Photo series with 12 pictures Mercedes is making electric mobility a family affair and is selling the EQB, its first electric seven-seater on this side of the giant EQV. Derived from the compact … Read more

Chinese manufacturer Xindong unveils Fenghua graphics card that will compete with AMD and Nvidia

© After disappearing from the market Matrox Graphics, S3 Graphics и XGI in the mid-2000s, not a single company posed a worthy challenge AMD and Nvidia in the field of discrete graphics cards for PCs. But with the advent of dedicated datacenter GPUs, mining GPUs, and gaming GPUs, numerous competitors have emerged for two powerful … Read more

Rivian is already the third largest car manufacturer in the world (on the stock market). Your income? Zero.

In 2009 Rivian was born, a startup dedicated to the electric car. Today Rivian is already the third largest car manufacturer in the world by market valuation, but the really amazing thing is that he has achieved it without having an income. Rivian (140 billion valuation) has already been ahead of Volkswagen (139,000) and is … Read more

Prusa Research has bought 80 percent in the manufacturer of corporate 3D printers Trilab

Prusa Research joined the Hradec Králové company Trilab, which was founded in 2016 by Vojtěch Tambor and Michal Boháč, as a strategic investor. Both founders and all other members of the Trilab team remain in the company and will continue to develop it under a separate brand Trilab – A Prusa Research Company. As in … Read more

Meat substitute manufacturer Beyond Meat crashes on the stock exchange

The meat substitute manufacturer Beyond Meat shocked investors with a weak business forecast. The stock plunged almost 20 percent at times. This after the company issued a surprisingly cautious outlook for the final quarter and warned of possible sales difficulties. In the three months to the end of September, Beyond Meat posted year-on-year sales growth … Read more

Chips will be missing yesterday, the German manufacturer estimates

The company’s revenue for the fiscal year ended September 30 rose 29 percent to more than 11 billion euros. “We are stronger than ever and our full-year sales have exceeded 11 billion euros for the first time,” said Reinhard Ploss, head of the company. “We are significantly increasing our investments to take advantage of growth … Read more

Repharm Group’s parent company acquires 50.93% stake in pharmaceutical manufacturer Olainfarm / Article

The total number of voting shares in Olainfarm is 14,085,078. The announcement to the stock exchange states that AB City directly controls 2,829,349 shares or 20.09%, but indirectly – 4,344,869 shares or 30.84%. Of which AB City controls 27.89% of the shares, Repharm’s subsidiary SIA Farma Fund controls 21.97% and Repharm’s subsidiary JSC Rīgas farmaceitiskā … Read more