60 kilos of untracked food seized

He had already received a closure order from the ASP for a series of irregularities, also linked to sanitation deficiencies, but a restaurateur from Mondello (whose name the police does not provide) would have continued to work and run his business: now for him the complaint for non-compliance with the provision has been triggered and … Read more

What is NeoCov Virus? The Variant of the Covid 19 Virus that is Back in Discussion, How Dangerous

DIY NEWS – See here related information virus NeoCov and its relationship with virus Covid 19. How dangerous is it virus Is this also contagious to humans like Covid-19? At the beginning of 2022, scientists from Wuhan University, China made a new discovery report virus corona NeoCov which is claimed to have a higher transmission … Read more

The fight against the wild stop continues, another 150 fines in Oriocenter

Another 150 fines in one night, this time between Friday and Saturday, to parked cars parked at Oriocenter. He continues the tug-of-war between the crafty ones who leave the car in no parking a few steps from the airport before leaving for the holidays, and the agents of the local police of Orio al Serio. … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Reveals 10 Times More Galaxies Than Expected

Merdeka.com – In the early universe, the number of galaxies in the Milky Way or Milky Way was 10 times more than previously thought. This knowledge of the cosmos emerged from one of the first studies of images captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. One of the authors involved in the study, Professor Christopher … Read more

How to edit or cancel sending messages in iOS16?

(MENAFN– Al Wakeel News) News Agent – Many times we send text messages and then regret it because of a misspelling, sending the message to the wrong person, or undoing an idea or situation we wanted to express in the message. While messaging apps like Signal, WhatsApp and Viber have some ‘delete’ feature Everyone’, until … Read more

Why does outer space appear dark black, even though there are many stars? Here’s the explanation

Tangerang Guidelines – If the sky is blue, why outer space black? Isn’t it many scattered stars? This question has not been answered by scientists for years. Even according to the NASA website, scientists such as Johannes Kepler, Edmond Halley, and German doctor and astronomer Wilhelm Olbers, have not been able to solve this mystery. … Read more

Mobile phone .. the future of gaming’

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan) Many fans of electronic games consider mobile games as not attractive games, due to their poor graphics and stories, disadvantages of touch control and others, however, these games, according to many industry experts, are on the path of achieving tremendous growth in the coming years for 5 main reasons, although it still takes … Read more

Know the Low Carbo Diet, Know the Benefits and Risks

Diet illustration. ©Shutterstock/R. Gino Santa Maria Merdeka.com – A low-carb diet is one type of diet that is still widely applied by people around the world. A low-carb diet is an eating pattern that limits your intake of carbohydrates, such as those commonly found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread. Instead, low-carb diets emphasize eating … Read more

11 Portraits of Rowo Bayu Who Are Allegedly the Right Location of the Real Event of Community Service in the Dancing Village, Sacred & Keeps Many Mysteries

The KKN film in Penari Village did make a lot of people curious, because the film was reportedly based on a true story, and the location of the KKN in the film really does exist. It was reported that the original location in the KKN film in the Dancer Village was Rowo Bayu, located in … Read more

Riyadh Newspaper | Asus Republic of Gamers launches many new products in its virtual conference

Asus Republic of Gamers launches many new products in its virtual conference It includes two high-performance ROG Strix and ROG Flow gaming laptops, a series of new bags and apparel from ROG Slash, and the standalone first-person parkour game for ROG Citadel XV. ROG is dedicated to giving gamers the best possible technology, products, and … Read more